HP’s $199 Windows 8.1 Laptop Specs Leaked (Chromebook Killer?)

At WPC earlier this year, Microsoft revealed that there will be number of really affordable Windows laptops coming to the market to compete with Google Chromebooks. They even revealed that one such device from HP will sell for just $199. Today, the specs of HP Stream Windows laptop got leaked. The device will be powered by AMD Quad-core processor, 2GB RAM, up to 64 GB storage, 14-inch HD display and more. Find the details specs below.

HP 199 Notebook specs
Do you think these kind of devices can compete with Chromebooks?

Source: MobileGeeks

  • http://blogs.apprefactory.ca/ross613 Ross Holder

    I picked up a couple of systems for under $100 that beat this configuration hands down. Is MS seriously thinking this config is gonna be competitive in the shallow-end of the tech commitment pool?

    • bibleverse1

      I would like to pick up some laptops under $100.00 could you tell me where?

      • TURNERO


    • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

      These specs beat my macbook!

  • bibleverse1

    I think for the folks that could get buy using Chromebooks its not so bad.

  • counterblow

    Non touch? FAIL. It is like HP WANTS Windows 8 to fail.

    • Ray

      What if we compare it with non-touch Chrome Book? Why ChromeBook can succeed without touch but Windows cannot?

      • counterblow

        because ChromeOS isn’t written for touch

        • http://lukeja.co.uk/ Luke

          It’s written for unproductive people lol who like crap

        • NGM123

          No, its written for fools like you who would contemplate a Shamebook in the first place.

      • jasonbxx

        Chromebooks is a failure – no touch, no programs, no games — just scrap material…

    • dave jones

      newsflash it already has, that’s why they are rushing to get Win 9 out, touch is not the problem, its forced Metro UI touch that stinks, everyone doesn’t need or even want touch, If touch is a requirement, then buy touch, if you don’t Windows 9 will allow you to get a descent machine for cheap, the 199.00 is retail, with 9 it will prob give a few people reason to upgrade from XP machine.

  • Scott McBurney

    why is it that we can buy laptops new for $199, but a good smartphone is $600? It makes no sense.

    • Bugbog

      Smaller components and IP costs

    • bibleverse1

      There are many midrange cellphones available for $199.99 but flagships are $600.00. Midrange may be 1.2 quadcore, 1gb RAM, 4GB ROM and 1 mp ffCamera and a 5mp camera it may or may not have 4g LTE but these specs are generally adequate for 75% of users. Drawback? Might not get OS updates may be missing hardware features like nfc. Recent examples are LG Optimus L90, Nokia Lumia 635, and Samsung Galaxy Light.

    • kristythomas014

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  • Bugbog

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are currently Windows 8 [touch] laptops for under $250?

    They are now targeting laptops for under $200, and later this year for under $100.

    Is it not the case that the challenger should be better than the incumbent, rather than the incumbent already being better than the challenger, and getting better all the time?

    Chrome books, up until this year, have neither been better spec-wise, feature-wise, nor price-wise:

    Inconsistent processors, under-powered processors (two years running?)

    Lack of touch-screen capability (until this year)

    Lack of off-line capability (till this latter year)

    Price is still, generally between $200 – $300

    What I’d like to know, really, is why the challenger can offer an inferior product, but get a pass, and the incumbent can provide multiple better/higher quality(?) offerings and still be marked a failure?!!

    And please, before anyone inundates me with Amazon sales/reviews, please, those need to be taken in context, least of which one can probably claim channel-stuffing; checkout the number of reviews (on Amazon UK) for a Samsung Chromebook versus other OEM offerings:

    It’s 803 versus the next closest rival, long-time producer, Acer at 119! Trying too hard or what?

    Also, no “Windows 8 is crap!”, as if you don’t wish to use/learn/accommodate its slightly different paradigm, then you can’t use that as a reason for acquiring a Chromebook, which also has a slightly different paradigm to its usage versus normal Chrome (on a PC) usage.

    • dave jones

      Windows 8 is crap!

      • jasonbxx

        Chromebooks are more crap and scrap!

  • S_A_R_K_I_S

    I don’t care how good HP is, I never buy their products anymore. As soon as they release a product they kill it off as well as the support. Only there Servers are great.

    Still, its good to see HP introducing low cost devices, there needs to be more OEM’s like this to follow suit.

  • saqrkh

    The HP Stream was probably designed to work with Threshold whereby touch wouldn’t be necessary (I.e return of the start menu, windowed modern apps, no charms, etc.) As long as this PC works well, I.e. it’s fairly snappy, boots up quickly, does the basics really well, etc, it should be good. Though it wouldn’t hurt HP to offer a pricier $299 version with a touch screen and better CPU.

  • ThatGuy

    Not a Chromebook killer. Windows 8 was not meant to run on low-end specs. After having a crappy experience with low end windows 8, consumers will probably opt for an iPad or Chromebook next time.