HP’s Windows 8 product videos really bad

imageA series of product videos for HP’s new range of Windows 8 tablets, laptops and all-in-ones have popped up on YouTube.

Above is the ethereal HP SpectreXT TouchSmart, and below find the more upbeat HP x2401, the HP Envy 23, the HP Envy Spectre One, the HP Envy X2 and the HP SpectreXT TouchSmart.

Compared to the other product demo videos we have seen so far the videos are pretty unimpressive.

We hope HP does a better job at selling their laptops when they do eventually hit the market in a few weeks.

Do our readers agree? Let us know below.


    Is it just me or is that a new media player at 44secs in the x2 video?

    • surur

      Its HP’s own media player, which predictable is a “classic” desktop app

  • http://94octane.com Beezer

    Spectre One looks good, with NFC also. Want to know that price tag.

  • John

    I don’t see anything wrong with these adds. Not all ads has to be 007 or dancing theme movie!

  • WillemEvenhuis

    The advertisement designs remind me of 2004. The advertisements with nfc are done interestingly and certainly in my opinion keeps the hp brand in line with uptodateness. The fact that in some spectre designs the windows 8 is cut out is worrisome. Could this mean another OS could be part of the line up? Hp has a lot of beats audio. To me this means that beats audio has become mainstream and, in my experience, the sound quality will probably left to be desired.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CamPain403 Matt Cameroƞ

    Haha in the envy x2 video the girl brings the tablet portion with her to the club and out hiking! WE CAN DO THAT NOW??? thanks HP!!! Lol silly

  • JoshC

    I think these look fine if the problem with them is that they don’t help sell windows that’s not HP’s job the need to sell their hardware, it’s Microsoft’s job to sell windows 8

    • techieg

      Wrong!! It is s joint effort. If the OS brilliant but OEMs deliver hardware from the 80s then it will never sell. The hardware has to be on par with the software, this is why Surface will outsell any other Windows 8 (and non-Windows tablets) regardless of OEM since it seems they all have some sort of brain-freeze where they are unable to actually deliver true innovative hardware.

    • Tips_y

      What HP has done in these videos is to sell the HP brand but it’s way pass the time when HP could sell based just on their brand. Now they have to sell both the HP brand AND the OS contained in their products. They should do a synergy sales pitch. This is the only way back to their former glory.

  • Gopi Krishna

    not bad..

  • http://twitter.com/felix872 Felix il Gattaccio

    I honestly like these ads, far away from fire works shown in other ads. the lack of showing Win8 capabilities is a minus as it is hw + sw that makes this next gen hw great.

  • Avatar Roku

    I really like the HP Envy X2. I think that is a great device all around. 1.5lb tablet, 8.5mm thin, NFC, microSD, SD slot, two USB, full size HDMI, gesture enabled touchpad, and solid aluminum build. Should get over 15 hours battery.

  • ustudio

    yea right theyre good, but i guess you made us click

  • Bugbog

    At first I thought the title was a bit over-exaggerated. But taken altogether, they are a bit bland.

    Also, to me, they don’t seem to have factored in full/proper usage of a touch-centric Windows 8 O.S. for their A-I-O’s! They have made no consideration for the need to pull the screen closer. None of them are adjustable in the manner of the Sony Tap 20! Other than “you can hide your keyboard” That’s the extent of their design adjustment for Windows 8?!!

    Well, here’s wishing them the best. Because, other than the Envy x2 (which I’m not even all that sure of) they don’t seem to have much else. Although that said, if you dismiss the adjustment issue, the Spectre one, with it’s high spec and touch pad made may be desirable to some (a lot?).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=708677298 Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    Cant believe that HP is still using the Touchsmart “brand”, its not a brand or a sign of quality… its a joke. Why would you wanna associate W8 with Touchsmart, the worst touch experience in the world. (Prior touchsmart devices)

  • http://twitter.com/Dnyalexander Zeus

    I don’t see where is the video.As Matter of fact every time I clicked in a link where yo say there is a video, but there is no video.

  • mrdeezus

    These ads are great. fast and sexy, that’s what she said. sorry. lol. Anyway, it seems as though the Win8 combinations are endless….

  • http://twitter.com/jasonc1991 Jason Choi

    envy 23 is so hot!!

  • http://www.sereant.net/ labanex

    I like the dancing students Surface commercial a lot, but these ads are very humbling and soothing. I like them. These ads are fine. I like HP products anyway.

  • willdoors

    I find it funny the BEATS audio…. how can a rapper know about ‘sound hardware engineering’????? LOL