HP’s Windows 8 Tablet Details Surfaces, Looks Impressive

When Windows 8  gets released later this year, we can expect different types of PC form factors from various PC OEMs. The tablet form factor will become more common design and PC OEM’s like HP, Dell, etc, are already working to release a Windows 8 based tablet later this year. Recently HP’s Windows 8 tablet Elitebook details got leaked in Internet. As you can see in the above image, the device will provide 8-10 hours battery life, 9 mm thickness and .68kg weight. Also the device will have full enterprise security features as well. Hopefully, the OEMs will deliver impressive hardware for the impressive OS Windows 8.

via: ZDnet Source: Neowin

  • http://www.mainstreetchatham.com/ JimmyFal

    Outdoor viewing option? Please, do tell…

  • Anonymous

    Wow virtually the same weight and depth as an IPad 3 with a keyboard!  

  • http://fxfp.com/ Alex F.

    I wonder what the resolution will be?

  • Anonymous

    Very impressive, HP!

  • Anonymous

    its a shame it will be very expensive.

    • Scientificbob

      That’s not a shame, that’s normal.

      It will be more expensive then an ipad, because it is an actual pc – not just a glorified e-reader.

      An ipad can not replace your actual pc/mac.  Apple will never build such a tablet, because that would kill their own macs and laptops.

      If you have a powerfull windows 8 tablet, you actually have a full pc.  You don’t actually need your desktop tower or laptop anymore.

      So it’s perfectly fine if the tablet runs for 1000$.

  • Anonymous

    Windows Professional means its an x86/64 device… But 8-10hours battery life usually means its an ARM device…unless Microsoft has done alot with the OS, and/or the x86/64 chips have become very power efficient

    • http://www.facebook.com/Bomuld Tommy Lindegaard Nielsen

      on the HP Folio 13″ you get 7h video playback/office use (rated 9,5h) and that is with an low voltage i5 sandybridge. Intel will soon release the ivy bridge which is more power efficient, and at the same time win8 will also require less than win7 so 8-10 should not be a problem – depending on the battery.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L47EGRUIJEAZEBEXX6NY6B3ENY Republican 2012

    I heard it has many great features and external plugins on the side. Not like junk iPad 2 or 3 which has no external plugins on side. Win 8 tablet going blow away iPad 2 or 3 crap

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L47EGRUIJEAZEBEXX6NY6B3ENY Republican 2012

    Finally a real tablet that works. Forget the crappy iPad or android tablet. I can’t wait when win 8 tablet arrives I am gonna get it. I have feeling millions people will buy it has look at how many people downloaded the win 8 OS preview beta when it first launched millions download in hour. Yup ipad your going down for sure oh stevy jobs must be wearing now hahhaah

    • http://www.facebook.com/Bomuld Tommy Lindegaard Nielsen

      I dont think that ipad or apple will “go down”, they may loose some market share – however the holes tablet market share will grow quite a bit as enterprises and serious business now will be able to use a tablet with the professional purpose and not only to watch pics and edit a word document. With the full office pack and other pc programs this will rock! especially is you can buy it with a keyboard dock like Asus TP!

      Furthermore MS need to go all in in their effort to make “3 scrrens 1 cloud” succeed (game syncing with windows phone+tablets/pc+xbox = epic win!)

  • Gopikrishnamullapudi

    If ms wants wants to be successful they should release it on ARM hardware and the price should be less than iPad or android tablets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danrh Daniel Rivero Horie

    Add an i5 to it and I’m sold!

  • sl8 is gr8

    I’m surprised they didn’t call it the HP SL8!