HTC Planning To Release Surface Touch Cover Like Keyboard Accessory For Its Android Tablet

HTC Tablet Accessory 1
Based on the report from Android Police, HTC is planning to release a smart cover/keyboard accessory similar to Surface touch/type covers for their upcoming Android based tablet.
This accessory measures approximately 228 x 320 x 5 mm, making it a very thin keyboard. The actual keys are apparently around 3mm high, and it seems that the key pitch is around 15mm. It has a standard QWERTY layout plus “Android function keys.”

As you can see from the image above,

“the segmented areas of the cover flap will fold up into a triangle using magnets, supporting the tablet while it is propped up to use the keyboard. When not in use, the tablet will evidently nest into the case on top of the keyboard, with the segmented flap lying over the screen (the magnets will also automatically wake/lock the screen like current covers).”

HTC Tablet Accessory

via: Android Police

  • donzebe

    Hope the HTC One M8 for WP was not treaded for this.

  • MrTrunky

    You mean like iPad smart cover?

    • Michael Fernandez

      No.. Like iPad with pressure sensitive stylus…. Oh there isn’t one?? well they will come up with it in a couple year and call it “Retina” stylus and then u can go around with you mouth wide open saying… “Look.. apple invented stylus”… come out of ur iBubble dude…

      • MrTrunky

        You mean with a pressure sensitive stylus like the Galaxy Note?

  • Michael Fernandez

    Well with all that… its still an Android tablet… toys for boys… Can never match Windows Productivity…