HTC Plans To Introduce 7-inch Tablet

htc ballmer

Dina Bass from Bloomberg is reporting that HTC is planning on releasing a 7 inch tablet.  HTC was originally planning on creating a 12 inch tablet, but its internal research has shown there would not be significant demand for a tablet of that size and it would be expensive to build such a tablet.  HTC has been facing a significant decline in sales lately and most of the companies efforts are focused on the company’s Android smartphone, the HTC One.

The company is hoping to gain additional revenue by releasing a tablet running WinRT and another very similar tablet running Android. HTC has partnered with Qualcomm and will be using their Snapdragon processor for its tablets.  The tablet is expected to be released in late September to early October, in time for holiday 2013.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Emmanuel Mac Donald

    That might be late I think. It seems like the time for the small tablets is the summer. because Microsoft and a few others are going to show theirs off soon. Unless the HTC one has something that makes it really stand out its going to be too late I fear.