HP Windows 8 PCs already in Best Buy stores


Windows 8 PCs are not supposed to hit shelves until the 26th October, but logistics does not work that way, and if PCs are to be sold then they need to be in store rooms already, and sometimes that spills over onto shelves.

WinSource reports that they have been sent the above pictures from a Best Buy store in St. Cloud, MN , where several Windows 8 PCs are already on display.

The collection include the HP Pavilion 23 AIO, the Envy 23 TouchSmart AIO, the Envy TouchSmart ultrabook, and two Envy m6 laptops.

While the stores are not selling them yet, if you want to have a play with Windows 8 with hardware intended for its use, you could certainly give your local Best Buy a go.

Via WinSource.com

  • alukard

    I do hope they all come with the imagesense touchpad drivers that support the W8 gestures.

    • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

      Well, if they have the Windows 8 sticker on them, they *have* to support Windows 8 gestures via the touchpad.

      • alukard

        I really do hope so, but the cheaper OEMs do drop the ball on many areas.

        • http://www.todayinwindows.com/ Ian Aldrighetti

          If you look at the larger images, it doesn’t seem as though there are W8 stickers on any of them, just Intel stickers.

          But I actually wouldn’t be surprised if even cheaper OEM’s supported Windows 8 gestures. They may be more inclined to do so, if you think about it.

          Since the cheaper computers aren’t going to have touch screens, they will want to make them more appealing by offering those gestures via the touchpad. I could be wrong, though.

  • kalval

    Wish they wouldn’t plaster them with stickers. It makes them look cheap and nasty in comparison to the competition.

  • pfizerdiamonds

    I took a look at the new Windows 8 laptops by HP today at the Mall of America. There was no signage up indicating the new machines. The model I tested was in the $700 range and had a touch screen. As a first time user, I found using the “metro” start to be simple. The store wifi was not working, so I was unable to test-drive the apps on the machine. A store employee said that they had only been in stock for about a day and they didn’t even know all the features of the products.

    What didn’t work at Best Buy:
    1. If you’re selling something new, make sure I know about it when I come in the store. I found out by reading tech blogs. Most people do not.
    2. Feature the product in the department in which it sells. There were no product differentiators with the exception of the start screen. The placement was also average.
    3. How do I preorder it if I want it. Nothing in the store told me how to preorder it. How about doing the preorder like with xbox games? I’d also be happy to drop the cash now on something, if it were at my door the day it was released.

    • koenshaku

      Umm… Its bestbuy when they’re selling something old they still don’t know about lol. I see them misleading consumers all the time.