Huddle’s Cheap Stunt Against Microsoft

Huddle, an Enterprise Collaboration platform today did the above cheap stunt against Microsoft at its SharePoint conference. One may argue this as an marketing tactics, still ?? Huddle was once Microsoft’s Bizspark partner and even won an award at Microsoft’s Socialfest conference. Now to compete against Microsoft’s SharePoint, Huddle arranged for some local band in uniform to gain enterprise users who have come to the SharePoint conference. I highly doubt any CTO or CIO will look into this marketing act and consider them for their business critical application platform..

Anyway, Lets see how Huddle plays the game..

via: Techcrunch

  • Vester7

    Man that snare drum line sounds clean!

  • Danny

    seriously, i was like “hey cool MS has a parade at the conference”  then i noticed their shirts.  lame.  they even purchased a spot on twitter for the #spc11 trend.