Hulu Plus app comes to Windows 8

03_selecting_resizeHulu has announced on their blog that they have now released a Hulu Plus app for Windows 8 “Modern UI”.

The touch-optimized app can access all of Hulu’s shows, including its back catalogue, and has the ability to pin favourite shows to the start screen. It also supports Snap view, which lets viewers watch video on one part of the screen while they do something else on another part.

The app will be preloaded on select Acer and Sony Windows 8 tablets.

For everyone else with Windows 8, the app can be found in the  Windows Store here

Read more at Hulu here.

  • Bill Johnson

    When using the Windows Store link above, it tells me the app is no longer available.

    • the person

      you are running Consumer Preview then. It is in the RTM store.

      • Robert Lewis

        Using RTM here and I can confirm that it says app is no longer available.

        • the person

          all this means is that Microsoft is going to roll it out with a grand entrance of apps on Friday. No surprises here.

      • ne0cr0n

        I’m running the final release from msdn aa / dream spark and it’s not available on my store

    • The Doctor

      I am on RTM and can’t access the app, says no longer available. Same story on Windows 8 RTM and Windows Server 2012 RTM.

  • techieg

    Next is for it to come to Windows Phone. This should be easily done with a line or two of code since Windows 8 and Windows Phone both have the same core.

    • The Doctor

      Agreed but that is only true for Windows Phone 8, not Windows Phone 7.8 and below.

  • ustudio


  • jabtano

    I got it here… but the with WP7.5 Apps and maybe WIN8 apps the stuff that MS makes for Apple is much better than that of WP blows my mind really I can understand it’s about making money fine. but lest put it on your own products as well jeez