ICYMI: Watch Microsoft BUILD Day 1 Keynote (Video)

Microsoft’s Build developer conference Day 1 keynote is now available online. You can enjoy them if you missed the live streaming. Various Microsoft executives like David Treadwell, Joe Belfiore, Stephen Elop, Terry Myerson and CEO Satya Nadella took stage to make various announcements and discuss on Microsoft’s strategy.

Today was an important day for Windows and Xbox at Microsoft’s Build conference in San Francisco. I encourage you to check out blogs on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Update, to get the details of the work we are delivering for developers, consumers and business customers.

I wanted to use this post to share some thoughts from what I said in the keynote:

1. We believe in our ecosystem of device manufacturers and devs (developers, developers, developers!), and that their creativity has incredible potential to change the world – and we want to help them do that.

2. We believe in the Internet of Things, and that as the devices get smaller, the cloud gets bigger.

3. We believe in natural user interfaces, and the power of things like voice and gesture to transform how users will interact with their devices and apps in the coming years.

I also spent some time today sharing some parts of our roadmap. It’s always tricky to find the right balance when sharing future plans, as some parts of the plan may change. But as our industry, our company, and Windows are in the midst of a pretty massive transformation in the way we build and deliver innovation to customers, partners and developers, we are taking some steps to be more transparent in signaling what’s ahead.

Source: Microsoft

  • XboxerOne

    Good keynote, but Joe Belfiore had like 5 malfunctions in 3 minutes that was painful to watch.

    • nohone

      And they were all with software they are releasing with the beta label. Apple released Maps and Siri as beta, shipped it for years before removing the beta label and they still don’t work right. Everything Google releases has beta attached to it and stays that way for years. And of course, anytime you had something bad to say about those other products, the fanboys would whine about how you should not criticize because they are beta, and that makes them hands off. Still, to this day, Apple maps has my neighborhood completely wrong, and it is not like I live in BFE. The only time Siri understands me is when I yell at her for incompetence, and then it will tell me how I am not being nice to her. But the day Cortana is released, it will be criticized up and down. They will say it cannot compete with the wonders of Siri. even though Siri and Cortana both use Bing as the default engine but somehow Apple did it “right.” And now that Apple removed that beta name, it can no longer be used as a reason for it not working perfectly, that day has passed and only Apple can lay claims to beta software.

      • XboxerOne

        I use my GF iPhone and have to say these days it works pretty good but the reality is that most of the time using touch is faster no matter what system is being used.

        I agree with you the whole “beta” label is BS excuse to say it is not ready yet. It wax BS for Apple and to be honest it is BS for Microsoft specially being 3 years later then Apple. At least it works with apps.

      • Guest

        I’m trying to understand why you need a map if it is your neighborhood… Do you have Alzheimer’s or something? Maybe you should just stay in the house wait until a family member comes to help.

        Be well my friend.

    • Blaze Blue

      As we say, shit happens. No keynote no matter what company it is ends without something not working properly on stage.