IDC Blames Windows 8 For Decline In PC Shipments 13.9% YoY

IDC Q1 PC Shipments

IDC reported its Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker shipments yesterday and the report turned out to be a bad news for the PC industry. Worldwide PC shipments was 76.3 million units in the Q1 of 2013 which is down -13.9% compared to the Q1 in 2012. IDC also stated that it is worse than the forecast decline of -7.7% and also the worst decline since IDC begun tracking PC numers.

Despite some mild improvement in the economic environment and some new PC models offering Windows 8, PC shipments were down significantly across all regions compared to a year ago. Fading Mini Notebook shipments have taken a big chunk out of the low-end market while tablets and smartphones continue to divert consumer spending. PC industry efforts to offer touch capabilities and ultraslim systems have been hampered by traditional barriers of price and component supply, as well as a weak reception for Windows 8. The PC industry is struggling to identify innovations that differentiate PCs from other products and inspire consumers to buy, and instead is meeting significant resistance to changes perceived as cumbersome or costly.

They also blamed Windows 8 for slowing down the PC market business. I don’t know how Windows 8 caused 7.5% decline in Apple Mac sales. Somehow, they have found the reason via their research!

“At this point, unfortunately, it seems clear that the Windows 8 launch not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market, but appears to have slowed the market,” said Bob O’Donnell, IDC Program Vice President, Clients and Displays. “While some consumers appreciate the new form factors and touch capabilities of Windows 8, the radical changes to the UI, removal of the familiar Start button, and the costs associated with touch have made PCs a less attractive alternative to dedicated tablets and other competitive devices. Microsoft will have to make some very tough decisions moving forward if it wants to help reinvigorate the PC market.”

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Source: IDC

  • Bugbog

    Of course, it’s all Microsoft’s fault!

    Just continue to ship the same device over and over, year-on-year, with micro-incremental differences, but expect consumers to come rushing in! :/

    As far as I’m concerned, excepting a parts failure, or someone upgrading to a more powerful device (because their previous purchase was underspecced), people aren’t in any rush to buy for buying’s sake anymore!

    If manufacturers don’t infuse their designs with any exceptional USP, then the money will go to trying out a low-cost tablet!

    And please, IDC, do try to come up with some interesting perspectives on the the reasons rather than the old trope of blaming Microsoft! Unless you want to be categorized in the same class as Gartner?

    As far as I’m concerned, like it or loathe it, Windows 8 has opened up the possibilities of the PC form-factor in a way that hasn’t been possible for years!

  • NegLewis

    MS should have done what? A Win7+ ? And let Android and iOS conquer all the markets?

    Win8 was/is and will be for 3+ years a disruptive OS. Then a distributive one.

    Mean time Android is forced to become Linux again, and iOS is forced to become a Lion – or a tiger… or even a Cat.

    In 3+ years Windows (Micro-Embedded, Embedded, Mobile, PC, Server, Cloud ..) will have common or shared OS’s, SDK’s, tools, IDE’s.

    • D_A

      “Desktops are slow, expensive and lacks the Touch panels…”
      Seriously ??? What kind of crappy desktop do you have ?

      You can get good desktop for about 500-600e and its a lot faster then any tablet .

  • Tirinti

    Customers wants to buy ultrabooks with FullHD touchscreens. OEMs are seling old stuf and thats why noboty buys it.

    For example if Lenovo had released Helix in November it would have sold in great quantities. Now it is tt late, because customers are waiting for Haswell CPUs.

    Instead Lenovo was trying to sell Twist with WXGA display they call HD. Nobody wanted to buy it with or without Windows 8.
    I was finaly fed up fith waiting and bought Sony Vaio T15 with Full HD touch screen. It isn’t perfect but at least it is quite cheap. I hope at the and of the year, there will be something like Helix but with Haswell.

    • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

      Exactly what i just wrote, we’re all waiting for the new generation super awesome touch screen machines in the store, but apparently they are all to slacker to get them in so people can actually see and touch them.

      • googlephobia

        The prices of ultrabooks are way too high. If you are not creating a lot of content a low cost tablet will do for a fraction of the price. I have been asked to remove windows 8 from two machines I installed it on as people didn’t like it. Instead I put on classic shell and effectively hid the modern ui interface totally and they where happy with that. Only time will tell if people can adopt to modern ui with a mouse and keyboard. I think Microsoft made too big a change too soon for people. However I think the tablet market is eating into PC sales and that’s nothing to do with Microsoft.

  • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

    I would blame the stores for not getting the new and awesome pc’s in time, i dont know how many times ive been to several major stores in both Sweden, Denmark and Germany and really none of them have any of the new awesome stuff.

    The Acer s7 just came out in Denmark 3-4 weeks ago, Dell Duo 12 is not out in the North really…. And so on…. All the dealerships are clinging to cheap shitty machines that noone wants.
    Where are all the good touch screen W8 machines?????

  • Myclevername

    They also blamed Windows 8 for the collapse of the Greek economy, the war in Syria, the North Korean crisis and the death of Margarate Thatcher

  • duk3togo

    Anyone else noticed there are no mentions of W8 hybrids or tablets
    in their research.

  • jvs

    The same correlation logic is applied to the correlation between the decrease of pirates and the increase of global warming.

    • logic

      Correlation does not imply a lack of causation either, you know.

      If Windows 8 is so bad that it turns people away, then that causes a loss of sales. The hypothesis is that it is doing that. The article is saying that the evidence supports the hypothesis. It has nothing to do with your nonsense example.

      The causation isn’t assumed, it is proposed, and supported.

      • jvs

        You can manipulate statistics any way you want to show evidence. Look at different articles related to the same issue.
        Sent from my Surface Pro running Windows 8.

  • Joe_HTH

    Strange how Lenovo is not having any problem, and Mac declined as well. It’s like the analysts and market share firms are mentally retarded.

  • JimmyFal

    The only people that don’t notice the world economy being systematically flushed down the toilet, are the ones not affected by it, the ones that are affected aren’t spending money on PC’s they’re buying cheap 7 inch tablets. Consumers don’t need PC’s anymore, the workplace does. This will be the great divide between creators and consumers. Not rocket science.

  • D_A

    Main reason people dont like Windows 8 on desktop is the lack of start button. Metro is fine, but it is not interesting to use it with mouse.