IDC Lowers Tablet Projections Again For 2014 As Demand Slows Down

After the introduction of Apple iPad, analysts predicted that tablets will take over the PC market and many other funny claims. In the past two quarters, tablet sales growth has slowed down. Following softer than expected demand, IDC today lowered its worldwide tablet plus 2-in-1 forecast for 2014 to 233.1 million units. The new forecast represents a 6.5% year-over-year growth rate, which is well below the 12.1% growth rate previously forecast.

“When we look at the global picture, it would be easy to say that the tablet market is slowing down,” said Jean Philippe Bouchard, Research Director for Tablets. “But, when we start digging into the regional dynamics, we realize that there is still a good appetite for this product category. While mature markets like North America and Western Europe will combine for flat unit growth in 2014, the remaining regional markets will generate 12% unit growth over the same period.”

IDC anticipates that price pressure on tablets with smaller screen sizes (less than 8 inches) and evolving tablet usage in emerging markets will fuel that unit growth. While average selling prices (ASPs) are expected to stabilize at US$373 in mature markets in 2014 due to the shift to larger screens and cellular-enabled tablets, ASPs in the rest of the world will decrease to US$302, representing an annual decline of 10%. As an illustration of evolving tablet usage, shipments of tablets featuring a built-in option of voice calling over cellular networks in the Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan)(APeJ) region reached 25% this quarter, representing annual growth of 60%. This trend suggests that end users in this region are looking for a single device that can meet their needs in terms of voice communication and media consumption, and for some that single device is a tablet and not a smartphone.

Do you think tablets can overtake notebooks and desktops in sales in the near term?

Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker

  • Maelstrom

    I think hybrids is the new trend. And I do think the PC tablets (not to call them Tablet PCs) and hybrid notebooks are emerging now to replace the tablets as people start to realize that they still need a PC to do stuff.

    • Duel

      Before hybrids doesnt weight around 500-600g those doesnt have chance. Im not sure when tech is ready for that kind of device, but in current state hybrids arent trend, the devices just arent good enough for masses. Those arent good tablets, i think people now wants tablets more than laptops. Hybrids are more laptop than tablets, so thats need to chance first.

      • kullkid92x

        whats your stand on a 2in1 then? or is that what you consider a hybrid?
        like the Asus T100 it IS a tablet, but with just one snap you have a laptop keyboard, extra 500GB memory, USB port, and more battery(only some offer this)

      • Kruegerman

        “Before hybrids doesnt weight around 500-600g those doesnt have chance.”
        Bullshit. Most people use tablets on their laps. Tablets don’t have to be 500g to be useful.

  • saqrkh

    Looks like Microsoft’s just on time with pushing low-cost Windows laptops (e.g. HP Stream) and hybrids such as the Surface Pro 3. Should be interesting to see how it fares, it might have a shot at eating someone else’s lunch…a first in a while.