IDC: PC Market Declines 7.6% In The Third Quarter Of 2013

A report by IDC showed a year-over-year decline in the PC market of -7.6 for the third quarter of 2013 with worldwide PC shipments of 81.6 million units.  This beats IDCs original expectation of a -9.5% decline in the PC market and is slightly more positive than Gartner’s report.

  IDC Top 5 PC VendorsIDC US PC Shipments


Lenovo, Dell, and HP had an uptick in business while Acer and ASUS continue to struggle. 

“The third quarter was pretty close to forecast, which unfortunately doesn’t reflect much improvement in the PC market, or potential for near-term growth,” said Loren Loverde, Vice President Worldwide PC Trackers. “Whether constrained by a weak economy or being selective in their tech investments, buyers continue to evaluate options and delay PC replacements. Despite being a little ahead of forecast, and the work that’s being done on new designs and integration of features like touch, the third quarter results suggest that there’s still a high probability that we will see another decline in worldwide shipments in 2014.”

“The United States outperformed many other regions as growth stabilized just under 0%. Continuing upgrades from Windows XP boosted shipments, particularly in the commercial desktop segment, while retail acceptance of new and emerging product categories, such as Chromebooks and Ultraslims, helped the portables segment,” said Rajani Singh, Senior Research Analyst, Personal Computers. “Nevertheless, the broad picture of the U.S. market has not changed much, with hopes for a small increase in the fourth quarter followed by a challenging 2014.”

Geographically, shipments in the US were essentially flat, down only about 0.2%.  Lenovo had an impressive 25.8% growth in the market.  In Europe, the Middle East, and Africa PC shipments were down and consumers are buying budget PCs.  In Japan PC shipments were up due to an improved economy and favorable exchange rates.  In other parts of Asia there was a huge -8.8% decline, with the exception of China.

  IDC PC Graph

Among OEMs, as mentioned earlier Lenovo continues to grow in the US.  HP is also regaining ground held the #2 position in the quarter.  Dell is also seeing positive growth in did quite well in the US and shipped over 9.5 million units in the quarter.  ASUS and Acer had declines in shipments worldwide.

Source: IDC

  • nohone

    So the only company in the top 5 that declined was Apple, and they were not even big enough to make it in the top 5 world wide.
    Remind me again why some people who like to comment here keep telling us that Microsoft needs to be more like Apple?

    • Guest

      I doubt Apple is too concerned about a one quarter decline in Macs, particularly if they experience another record quarter for iPad sales. Apple already made their future bet: iPad not Mac. And so far it has paid off big.
      ? MS has taken active steps over the last year to do just that.

      • nohone

        You know what, you are right. Apple would not sink billions into developing new hardware, employing people, and relying upon that hardware as the only means of developing software for iPad or iPhone. No they don’t care one bit. They want to sit back, let others put their future in jeopardy by abandoning desktop and laptop market, and not have anything left to develop iOS software with. Next thing you know, they will call Mac and OSX a hobby, just like they do with everything else they are a failure with.

        • Guest

          Obviously. Nothing I said was particularly controversial or difficult to confirm. Apple’s future bet is iOS, not OS X (although iOS is a derivative of that). Cook has even stated publicly that he’s OK with cannibalization of Mac by iPad. MS’s future bet, or more accurately Sinofsky’s, was RT. Whether that now becomes a future hybrid of WP and RT, or they do back to full Windows, isn’t yet clear.

      • Yuan Taizong

        That is true, Apple itself has stated that iPads cannibalize on Mac sales, I’m not saying Microsoft should be more like Apple, but they do have a number of ideas Microsoft should (and already did) copy, like having a built-in music store on their P.C.’s and an application marketplace, in the end most of Apple’s profits come from their App Stores, Microsoft was smart imitating that, but focusing solely on mobile would eventually cost them their ”P.C.-Crown.”, which is something that won’t happen in the near future, but Microsoft is already competitive in many markets in mobile and Windows Phone is outselling the iPhone in many places, in other words Zune has finally become more popular than the iPod…

        • Guest

          I agree with all of that except perhaps your final comment.

      • vcfan

        ipad sales declined %14 last quarter, even worse than the PC industry.

    • SategB

      It not commenters here saying that it is Ballmer who said the company needs to chsnge from a “Devisional” run company to copying Apple and become a “Functional” run company and also like become focus on being a “Device and Service” company, again like the Apple model.

      Maybe Ballmer is here trolling?

      • nohone

        Mind translating that from I-have-been-drinking-all-day language into English, please?

        • Guest

          LOL. And note how the writing style fades in and out along with the spelling mistakes, which aren’t even consistent across like words in the same comment. I’m starting to think this whole Asian ESL thing is a put on. What an imbecile.

          • Mark

            It doesn’t much matter. Most of you here probably read several MS-related news sites regularly. Which means you’ve seen this type many times before. The pattern is always the same: post crap and hope others engage. If they do, post most crap. If you ignore them instead, they eventually get frustrated and pop up under a new alias at the next site. Why? Because that’s what gives their otherwise pathetic lives meaning, and most of them understand deep down that they lack the kind of actual insight that would drive eyeballs to their own site were they to host one.

      • Yuan Taizong

        Not true, Apple’s model of controlling all the hardware proved to be bad for them, if iO.S. or O.S. X weren’t Apple exclusive when they came out we would’ve had a duopoly in the desktop market and a monopoly in the mobile market (I’m not saying Apple makes good products, but they do know how to market their products and give them away from free easily, especially to influential people, so with the right vision they COULD’VE done that, but it’s too late now for them). most O.E.M.’s chose Android to compete head-to-head with iO.S. and guess what… they’re winning.

        On the desktop WIndows was (and still is) the superior software, some major O.E.M.’s offered Mac O.S. software, but Apple stopped licesing it to them, leading to a Hacintosh movement that is mostly ”of the past” now, if Apple gave their software to O.E.M.’s on both mobile and desktop they would’ve been ”a real competitor” for Microsoft, but in the end it will be the variation that wins, the Microsoft Surface isn’t the only Windows 8 Tablet-P.C. player out there, so Microsoft could still make profits from others selling their software, and give developers the ”best Windows experience” with their own devices.

      • eolirin

        Apple isn’t a Devices and Services company. Almost all of their money is made from devices.

    • eolirin

      Interestingly, if you remove Apple laptops from the PC stats, the decline in the PC market stops being a decline and becomes positive growth. Windows devices actually saw an increase.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Chromebooks don’t sell as well as the quote in the report make them out to be, in total they still hold less than 1% of the total P.C. shipments, and I also don’t know if Apple’s desktops and Macbooks are considered ”P.C” devices or what the Microsoft-hating media likes to quote Steve Jobs so much on ”Post-P.C.” devices, but in general Macs don’t sell well, other than in the music industry, Apple’s own cult, the film industry and with so-called ”artists” (which often identify themselves with the previous 3 categories). Tablets traditionally were considered ”P.C.’s” until Steve Jobs claimed otherwise, so I don’t know if analysts should include these in future lists, but from what I can tell with the economy and all this market isn’t much different as when Windows XP first came out and many didn’t want to purchase or upgrade their old P.C.’s, and I myself have have had the same Windows XP P.C. since 2003 and finally upgrading to Windows 8 in 2012 after having worked with 3 Macintoshes for work, a Windows 7 P.C. and sharing a Vista with some other people, I never saw ”the home computer” as worthy for an upgrade, P.C.’s just last for years, iPads break every year or 2, a Samsung/Anycall Galaxy Tab needs to be replaced every 3, a desktop lasts for decades, the only reason I got off Windows 95 was because I needed more space on the hard-drive and purchasing a new computer at the time seemed wiser than replacing the hardware.

    Most people have the philosophy of ”if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, until that is going to change (and if you know most people, it won’t with ”high-end” and ”high-priced” devices like traditional-desktops”, … it won’t), the much praised Windows 7 couldn’t move many people to purchase new P.C.’s, Windows 8 couldn’t do it, it has little to do with the rapidly improving operating system and everything to do that good hardware and good software keeps people contempted.

  • deathdealer351

    wow MS going with windows 8 has also hurt apple. You would think with all those people defecting apple and cromebook sales would be exploding. Anyway the Acer S7 is a sexy beast of a machine although its at around a thousand bucks unless you can get a sale in the US. I like some of the haswells and bay trail PCs that have been announced. Other than one or two I have not really seen any come to market. They are all hitting novemberish. I am looking to replace a pc and it seems that cost is going to be $1400 so I want the world. 10-11″ tablet/keyboard format, core i5, 8gb ram, 128 or 256gb hdd, sd, pen support, min 1080p, hdmi out or mini display, BT 4.0, wifi on tablet Ethernet on keyboard, 10-15 hours battery when attached to keyboard, under 2lb (tablet only), LTE pentaband so I can use it on tmo usa and unlocked im spending upwards of 1500 I don’t want carrier locked BS, USB 3 on tablet, MORE USB 3 on keyboard no more USB 2 BS USB3 only, Keyboard is backlit. That should do it. The surface pro comes close but no LTE so far no one is really throwing in everything including the kitchen sink into the machines. There is always something done on the cheap. Even the Surface the battery keyboard option wont be backlit. WHY WTH there is an attached battery you can backlight grrrrrrr.
    Also me personally 32gb for RT and 64GB for win8 tablets should die. Usable space is BS with those options really for an OEM how much more is it to say 64gb for rt and 128 will be the min spec. If I look at ssd options on the market in retail for good brands the price diff is about $40 (60ish for a 64 and 100 for a 128.) Im sure volume pricing can get it a little cheaper.