IDC: Windows Will Have Only Around 10% Of Tablet Market Share In 2017

IDC Windows 8 2017 Market Share

IDC yesterday released its latest forecast update of the Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker estimates. IDC expects tablet shipments to be upwards of 350 million by the end of 2017. IDC also predicted that Windows will only have arounf 10% of the total tablet market by 2017 with Windows RT growth to remain below 3% during the forecast period.

“Microsoft’s decision to push two different tablet operating systems, Windows 8 and Windows RT, has yielded poor results in the market so far,” said Tom Mainelli, Research Director, Tablets. “Consumers aren’t buying Windows RT’s value proposition, and long term we think Microsoft and its partners would be better served by focusing their attention on improving Windows 8. Such a focus could drive better share growth in the tablet category down the road.”

What do you think of their forecast?

Source: IDC

  • k00k

    Who cares .. keep producing Microsoft because some of us definitely are HAPPY with the results thus far. Love my Lumia 920 and my Surface RT.

    • SagetB

      Who Cares? Shareholders the company is not a hobby

      • Joe_HTH

        Shareholders have no say in how a company is run. The only thing they can do is take their money elsewhere.

        • SagetB

          Which directly affects how the company is run!

          I am surprised how much disconnect from basic business understanding of that increasingly coming from fellow MSFT supporters. I am beginning to think post like K00K and Joe_HTH are just trolls trying to make all of us real MS supporter look idiots.

          • Bugbog

            Considering Microsoft’s Share price, the fact that it, Microsoft, has been buying back its own shares for years, and the amount still retained by the founders and executives, I would state that Microsoft has very little to fear from shareholders!

  • TWPandora

    I love my Surface RT. I use it for work, school and play. The touch cover is amazing. The problem is not the hardware or the software. I feel the problem is Microsoft needs to step up their game and get aggressive about opening up more of their retail stores faster. Having more people see the device and having competent people talk about its capabilities will make a huge difference. At the rate they are opening up new stores they will never reach a broad enough market in time to compete with Apple stores.

  • Joe_HTH

    Another useless forecast from another useless analyst. Just like every other IDC forecast, it will be wrong and they will revise their forecasts. Analysts are about the most useless idiots on the face of the planet. Every time they cash a paycheck, they’re stealing money.

    • symbolset

      What do you want? They gave Windows up to 10%, which is as likely as a comet strike in the same period. If they’re to be of help to Microsoft in the future they have to at least try to be somewhat credible.

  • Jimmy_Jangle

    Fuck analysts IMO. They just want to skew the numbers to meet their own ends. Line ’em up with the bankers and shoot the fookin’ lot of ’em.

  • rruffman

    Well considering Windows 8 will most likely ship 320-350 million devices this year and at lease 1/3 will be some sort of “Tablet” device be it pure tablet or convertible, or AIO tablet type that would mean windows 8 will ship between 105mil – 115mil devices this year… Is IDC on some sort of drugs???

    • PoohGQ

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Iain Simpson

      yup IDC seems to be on drugs, don’t know sometimes where these people come up with these numbers. I also think the later part of 2013 will see newer tablets with windows blue and new Icore processors which will most certainly help too.

  • freeiam

    This is the end of Window$

    • Alpha0ero

      60 billion cash on hand…No. It is not.

  • Maminiaina R.

    Wow!!! and they are paid to predict that??? must be an amazing job to be able to deliver craps like this and getting paid at the same time. Did they even consider the fact that by 2017 there maybe Windows 9 or 100 that might change things…or maybe they know for sure that W8 will stick around forever

  • Curtis Quick

    IDC seems to not be thinking of tablets in the same way Microsoft and the rest of think of them. I think we all agree that the near-term future (next ten years) is Windows-based PCs in tablet form factors. That view is not shared by Apple, nor it seems by IDC. They still believe that tablets and desktops will always co-exist and that “in-between” devices like Surface Pro will never succeed. The media can only skew consumer interest toward Apple for so long. Continual improvement of Windows by Microsoft and tablet-like hardware by the rest of the PC industry will provide the consumer with PC power in tablet form-factors. Such “tablets” will have iPad weight, last all day and have i7 power for Windows software. They will also be able to wirelessly connect to larger screens and keyboards (and mice). If Surface 2.0 comes with Haswell and WiDi all of this becomes possible very quickly.

  • god

    Well, it has 7% already, and we are half of 2013…
    Your prediction has failed already :/