IDC: Worldwide PC Shipments Totaled 82.2 Million Units In Q4 2013, A 5.6% Decline From Q4 2012

Top 5 Vendors, Worldwide PC Shipments, Fourth Quarter 2013 (Preliminary) (Units Shipments are in thousands)                 


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1. Lenovo






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International Data Corporation (IDC) today released their Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. Worldwide PC shipments totaled 82.2 million units in the Q4 of 2013, representing a 5.6% decline in numbers YoY. When you consider the full year 2013, total shipments declined -10.0% from 2012, a record drop reflecting the changes in mobility and personal computing affecting the market. The declining trend is no surprising given that the consumer interest is moving towards more mobile devices like smartphones, phablets and tablets.

“The PC market again came in very close to expectations, but unfortunately failed to significantly change the trajectory of growth,” said Loren Loverde, Vice President, Worldwide PC Trackers. “Total shipments have now declined for seven consecutive quarters, and even the holiday shopping season was unable to inspire a turn in consumer spending. Although U.S. growth slipped a little in the fourth quarter, other regions all improved, reinforcing our view that growth rates will continue to improve gradually during 2014 despite remaining in negative territory.”

In the OEM front, Lenovo topped the list with over 18.6% marketshare.

Lenovo expanded its lead in total worldwide shipments with particularly strong growth in EMEA, Japan, and Latin America. The firm has continued to stay aggressive with its breadth of products, flexibility, and focus on channel development. Growth in the U.S. slowed, but remained ahead of other market leaders.

HP retained the number 2 position, but its channels took a more cautious approach in key markets, and shipments in the U.S. dropped by more than -12% year on year. Fourth quarter shipments were also down slightly from the third quarter, suggesting a clearing of inventory as well as slowing projects in Asia/Pacific.

Dell saw growth rise to 5.8% in 4Q13 compared to the previous year. The Americas continued to be a strong area for Dell, while shipments in Asia/Pacific also returned to positive growth.

Source: IDC

  • Bugbog

    Given the rise of hybrids, two-in-one’s and other variable devices, we need to know what is being classified in what segment, rather than just the standard mantra of “PC sales are falling!”

    • Guest

      Rather then trying to convolute the truth of the trend with denials of a decline we need to accept the new reality. In part that means we have to accept that the company going difficult decisions and kill or sell unprofitable products like bing and XBoX. It also means we need to demand better products the first time out unlike early Windows 8, WP and Surface RT

      • Bugbog

        Me thinks you’re believing the anti-MS spin rather than examining the truth of the issue! Kinda like Google is winning; Google services are indispensable:

        Chrome – 18% (IE still close to 60%)
        Chrome O.S – Less than half of 1% of PC sales after 3yrs
        Android 10inch tablets – nowhere to be found after 3yrs

        The sky may be cloudy but it is far from falling!

        • Guest

          Your right about one thing the sky is not falling, just the importance of Microsoft in the market along with PC sales (see images):

          PS. It seems Android tablet are doing ok when you don’t use selective data…

          • Bugbog

            I think you’ve just proven my point!

          • Guest

            And you, mine :(

      • Rann Xeroxx

        Amazon is an unprofitable business… because they keep taking the profits and pumping it into the business and sell at, sometimes, a loss to grow the business.

        This is the same business model for Bing. Bing is not just a search website, it is a search technology that is being integrated through all product lines in MS. It will be the tech behind the next big thing in tech; data mining and analytics. Its what will allow AI like functionality with voice interaction with MS products.

        XBox is one of those things that hindsight is 20/20. MS has already made their investment into it, had they known it would be 5X more in R&D then maybe they would not have done it. But that money is gone and now its a PR vehicle for making MS a cool brand. Plus they gain synergy with other technologies such as Hyper-V, Metro, DirectX, voice control, etc.

        I am in agreement with the failed launches of W8 and RT. Those were totally bungled and now you are seeing a CEO who did not want to leave, leave because it both and lack of stock valuation (not profits, of which MS made a bundle during Balmers reign).

        • Guest

          XBox had been around for a decade and anything we have less secccess with other MS consumer product being considered cool. Why would it start helping now?

  • sri_tech

    IDC is reporting Apple sales decreased in US by 5.7% while gartner is showing 30% growth.

    Gartner always will have higher numbers than what Apple themselves reveal in their earnings reports.

  • Rann Xeroxx

    PCs were always in a bubble as they were way more computer than the vast majority needed. This has less to do with any failure on MS or Apple or even Linux part and just a correction. This is also a reflection of new disruptive technology finally coming in its own and becoming cheaper.

    With the iPad Air getting a PC grade processor and Baytrail creating tablets able to run full Windows, I think this is less of a revolution and more of a evolution. Just like Android was slow to catch up to iOS and has now surpassed it in many ways, do not be surprised is Windows on a tablet or mobile touch device end up doing the same.

    Anyone making predictions out 3 years are fools.

    • Guest

      “…don’t be surprised if Windows on tablet or moble does the same”
      “Anyone making predictions out 3 years are fools”

      So your saying the first thing will happen less then 3 years?

  • NegLewis

    The PC It’s dead? I guess just their Marketing Teams are!!!

    On my Work PC (less than $1000) I install software worth of 10K$ per year.
    On my Home PC… like $100-$200 per year.
    On my work SmartPhone ($500+) I will install like $30-$50 worth of software over all – for the lifetime of the Software/Hardware/SmartPhone Versions.
    On my Personal SmartPhone($800+) I will install like $100 over all. IF!

    My W8 Tablet is like my home/work PC.

    Can you see yourselves installing those $10K software on your Smartphones?

    This is the reason why the smartphone IS already a dead and burried thing.
    For “it” to exist in 5+ years it needs to merge with something BIG. Everlasting and powerful: CPU + Storage.

    MS needs to leverage their power: PC + Cloud + Services + Productivity + Fun ++

    MS strategy is to evolve. I get it. Just look at Dos v.x -> Windows 3-5 -> Win 98+ -> Win NT/7/8/9 -> Win ++.

    Same with Office.
    Same with Cloud/Azure
    Same with Hotmail/Outlook
    Same with Gaming.
    Same with Mobile/Embedded/RT ++ Pro…
    Same With Visual Studio.
    Same with Java/Java Script/Html5 Strategy.
    Same with Drivers Evolution (power of inf – or the stupidity of .inf/sys/libs… :) )
    “Hack” everything just by changing a registry … !!!

    Yes! MS lacks that thing that will make those 1% of (linux/unix/designers) gurus just say WOW… but for the rest of 99%…Windows it’s the real answer.

    MS needs to STOP waiting and just integrate all their services/softwares/features into a single “thing”…

    People will get it!!! And will buy any thing MS has to sell.

    • Guest

      “And people will buy any thing MS has to sell”…
      Except Kin, Zune, Surface, Bob, Windows 8, ect