IDC–Businesses will choose Windows 8 tablets

imageIDC have commented on the tablet market, and while they note iPad will continue to dominate in the near future, they expect business to turn to Windows tablets, especially with the new user interface Windows 8 brings.

They write:

While the consumer segment remained the key target market, there is increasing interest from enterprises as well. But businesses are still evaluating the products and how they could incorporate non-Windows devices into their existing IT infrastructure, while the limited number of products available for the business space also contributed to constrain stronger commercial demand.


While the market will remain heavily focused on the consumer segment, expansion will also come from a change in end-user dynamics, as the ongoing product evaluation by businesses is expected to translate into an increasing number of media tablet shipments in the commercial segment as well. Tablets are seen as a major opportunity for several horizontal and vertical applications and many businesses are looking seriously into deploying tablets in the near future.

Nevertheless, according to a recent IDC survey about tablets in the enterprise, Windows is still top of the list when it comes to commercial tablets. And with a completely redesigned user interface based on the Metro design language developed for Windows Phone 7, the new Windows 8 operating systems will likely be able to make a strong impact not just in the commercial segment but in the consumer segment as well, further intensifying the OS battle.

There is an expectation from many that Apple will continue to dominate the tablet market far into the future, but if Microsoft is able to turn only a small percentage if the more than billion PC owners to Windows 8 tablets Apple may see its market evaporate much faster than they expect.

Read more at IDC here.

  • Sake

    Using one now ( Acer W500 with W8 Developer ) next to a Galaxy Tab and love the UI. IE10 blows iOS and Android browser away in speed. Now give me one with the Tab’s formfactor :)

    • Anonymous

      What kind of battery life are you experiencing?

      • Sake

        As long as I stay in the Metro UI battery is really decent for a x86 tablet. Easily lasts a day.

        • Eingoluq

          a day? on standby or normal use?

    • Anonymous

      Sneered at tablets before. Enter Win8, and I had to grab me an Iconia W500 also!. Not enough Metro apps, but am loving it!! (Wordhunt: frustratingly addictive!)

  • J A

    Just what my predictions are exactly.