IdeaPad Yoga 11 Windows RT Device No Longer Available On

Lenovo Yoga 11 Windows RT

Lenovo has stopped selling its only Windows RT device Yoga 11 from its website Yoga 11 was one of the few Windows RT tablets that was made available since announcement of Windows RT OS. After Samsung stopped selling their Ativ Tab Windows RT tablet, now Lenovo has done it with their Yoga 11 convertible.

This leaves us with Dell XPS 10 and Microsoft Surface RT as the only other devices running Windows RT which is now available for sale.

Source: Lenovo via PCWorld, Neowin

  • Bugbog

    For a limted [distribution], poorly promoted, expensive first version, it lasted quite awhile, I’d say!

  • kemite2

    “This leaves us with Dell XPS 10 and Microsoft Surface RT as the only other devices running Windows RT which is now available for sale.”….WRONG !!!!!

    ASUS VivoTab RT TF600T-B1-GR 10.1

  • Yuan Taizong

    Windows R.T.’s only advantage was device encryption which will be ported to Windows 8 as well, Windows 8 is VERY much superior to Windows R.T. anything you can do with Windows R.T. you can do with Windows 8, hopefully this will be less confusing for consumers.

    • kalval

      The problem is that a huge proportion of the tablet market is sub $350. And we’ve seen what happens with cheap windows 8 pro tablets – they’re horrible (example: the acer w3). The only way of getting the price down and still competing on screen resolution and quality, device size and weight, and battery life is to go with ARM.

      Microsoft blew their first chance to do this properly by releasing the first wave of RT devices with price points equal or above similarly or higher specced atom windows 8 pro devices. Windows RT is a good thing for both Microsoft and the tablet market. It gives them a realistic entry into the low cost sector, and it puts ARM processors in direct competition with intel, which will drive innovation on both sides.

      What Microsoft needs to do from here is send a clear message:

      RT: sub $450 $450 tablets with desktop capability and the ability to do anything (productivity or consumption). Still high quality construction, but these will generally be 10 inch+ convertibles because that is the strength of pro (imo there is no point in have a desktop and legacy apps unless you have a mouse and keyboard). Screen resolution won’t be as high initially because atom has an ongoing weakness in this area which won’t be fixed til the next gen atom. Battery life will also be good, but a touch below RT until atom improves. These would compete against ultrabooks and apple laptops.

      • bigblubox .


        and they should also come up with a Clear name that explains to consumers that it is a “reduced”/different version of Windows 8..
        not Windows 8 RT!

        Cause Every time I pass by the MS store I see a lot of confused people asking about Surface RT vs Surface PRO..

  • donzebe

    What’s the benefit of RT over win 8 ? since 8 tablet pricing are dropping and they are now on smaller screens, why not forget RT and stay with windows phone and windows 8.

    • Rasool Shaik

      The RT may be released much cheaper than win8.

  • Rasool Shaik

    It was toooo expensive for people to buy