IE10 Marketshare Surges, Chrome Hits All Time Low


The browser wars are back on and Microsoft has been making significant gains. Net Applications released their monthly report yesterday.

Internet Explorer’s total marketshare is nearly 56% now and between April and May the browser gained 0.18 percentage points.  In the same time period Firefox has gained 0.33 percentage points to 20.63 percent.  Chrome has lost 0.61 percentage points and now only commands 15.74 of browser marketshare.  I am going to skip over Opera and Safari.

With Microsoft pushing IE10 through Windows Update on Windows 7, IE10 marketshare has been surging.  IE10 has gained 3.24% while IE9 lost 2.78%.  I’m sure you’ll see a couple blogs with the headline “IE9 loses marketshare.” IE8 remains the world’s most popular browser on Windows XP with 22.99%, dipping .09 percentage points.  Windows XP users cannot upgrade past IE8, and really should upgrade their OS with XP nearing end of life.  IE10 is now greater than the combined marketshare of IE7 & IE6 which stand at 1.78% and 6.03% respectively.  China remains a big part of the reason why IE6 marketshare is so high.

Firefox now commands 20.63%, finally stabilizing after losing marketshare to Chrome. Chrome stands at 15.74% and has not been able to hit the 16% mark since its all time high in August of 2011.

I’m using IE10 as my primary browser and am looking forward to upgrading to IE11 in the next month.  What are you using? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TNW (Read their full post with further breakdowns and charts of other browsers)

  • Windows 8

    I was using IE8 on my XP and with it Firefox, tried to use IE9 but it crashed and slowed intermittently.. so left it mostly.
    I started on Win 8 and IE10 and then no looking back, IE10 is main, FF is second ( for the best addons it has ) and chrome .. lolz.. only for my fun part, that too is getting on my nerves these days as even Facebook is lagging on it and it slows down very much.

    Looking for ward to IE11 ..

  • Not Steve

    IE10 is what made me switch back from Firefox to IE. IE9 and up were great, but they finally got the HTML5 support good enough in that version. Also looking forward to IE11 since I hear it will finally support WebGL

  • steveo99

    IE10 main browser. Firefox for testing. Refuse to use Chrome.

    • Qtek8020User

      Pecisely the same here!

    • reKitab

      Me toooooo! No Chrome, and my secondary browser is Firefox. Choice is good:)

    • Mike366

      Exactly. Use FireFox as secondary browser. Refuse to use Chrome

    • DigTheNoise

      I’m in this group.

    • Sunovavic

      So many smart people!

    • bbqrooster

      Same here. IE10 main browser, Firefox for pesky sites that don’t work with IE10.

    • Diego Farinello

      I love the new IE10, but how can i remove the ads from sites?

    • Naveenangels

      Same here 😀

    • Nerrad

      Chrome just taking too much computer resources to run. IE10 is faster now!

  • Bugbog

    Mainly Firefox (and occasionally IE10), as I’m able to run Noscript, which blocks all embedded analytics, flash and other ‘stuff’ by default, affording me granular control as to what I enable on my system.

    For instance, apart from the usual “cruff” (which numbers on average from 4 – 20 items), do you know there are 4 separate Google ‘scrapers’ embedded in this page (and most others) that collect data by default?! (and separate from items for allowing Youtube to function)

    • surilamin

      Try ghostery for IE (works well in FF & Chrome too) blocks a lot of stuff. Also take advantage of the tracking protection lists for IE.

      • Bugbog

        Thanks. Will check it out!

  • XeX

    I used to use Firefox then switched to chrome and now to IE9, chrome is REALLY laggy lately and Ive found that IE9 works just fine :)

  • hysonmb

    I use IE10 as the primary. On pages that refuse to render properly in IE, I’ll try them in Chrome. I also have Firefox and Opera installed but hardly ever launch either.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      I also have other browsers like Netscape Navigator, 360 Secure Browser and Apple’s Safari, so far none could match I.E. 10

  • Ziggy

    Hi! I’d like to know how thoses stats are done. StatCounter is saying to opisite thing and I’m wondering who is correct because I dubt IE has only
    27,72% of the market share… Please if someone knows how they count it please explain.

    • cbsmart

      These stat sites based on advertising are highly confusing. If you go to the browser by version, you can see that only IE 8 and IE 9 are included in their ratings. IE 6, 7 and 10 are shoved into ‘Other’. Not sure if that’s because they aren’t able to distinguish them, or because of oversight.

      More Over, with both Statcounter, and NetMarketshare, you can see one of their flaws fairly easily. If you go to and under “OPERATING SYSTEMS” select “Mobile Share”, you’ll see that Windows Phone has a combined 1.21% Market Share. HOWEVER, if you choose “Mobile Share by Version”, you’ll see that Windows Phone 7.5 has 1.19% and Windows Phone 7 has 0.02% (coming out to 1.21% total).

      Obviously you can see that Windows Phone 8 isn’t included at all, and I believe that’s because currently, the advertising platforms aren’t available on Windows Phone 8. I’m sure the same is true for Windows 8 ‘Modern’ Browsers and who knows what else.

      The stats from advertising companies are only truly beneficial to the ad companies customers, so they can see what platforms their advertising hits most frequently.

      I’m not quite sure why Statcounter has such a big boost to chrome, though it does mention that they ‘adjust’ chrome stats due to prerendering. It also mentions that around 15% of their page hits are search engines – so home page default settings would affect that significantly.

      • Ziggy

        Thanks, I think I see the picture now and since GGL is the king of ads… it becomes obvious why statcounter shows such dominace of Chrome. I would really like a “real” comparison though.

  • singhnsk

    On my laptop, FX Rocks.. IE next..
    Chrome is a showpiece

  • Tahir Malik

    Firefox and as second IE 10 and on the tablet Opera Mobile

  • Rasool Shaik

    That’s great Finally IE 10 defeat google chrome after we ditched google services as they denied services to windowsphone users.

  • namikral

    IE needs full account sync like chrome and needs a simpler better ui for me to switch back

    • Rasool Shaik

      Account sync is coming in IE 11 and I think IE UI is good.

    • hysonmb

      How would you make the UI any more simple than it already is? Maybe because I’ve been primarily an IE user for years, but to me it seems the other browsers all have more complex interfaces. Not saying any are difficult to use, just an opinion.

      • NGM123

        I love Firefox because it’s so customizable. There’s a million different combinations and add ons to personalise the UI to your own personal taste and I still think it’s far than IE. Until such time it’s as flexible as F/F, that’s where I’m staying.

      • namikral

        one example is:
        when you add an add on like last pass the small icon occupies a whole row where as in the chrome it would be on a single raw with the other items.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      I agree, Internet Explorer on Windows 8 if you’re singed in with your Microsoft-account works great, but it should also feature FULL Cloud-based integration with Internet Explorer Mobile for Windows Phone.

  • #TeamCortana

    Wouldn’t the “all time low” Google Chrome share be 0% when it first came out in 2008?

  • plkumar

    i’ve removed chrome from 4 out of 5 machines i use, even on Mac, IE10 is my main browser on all windows Machines. i like it. it is very stable even though it is new.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      I agree, never has a browser crashed as much as Google Chrome.
      Most of the ”advice” I get on using Google Chrome is re-install it if
      something goes wrong (–_–)

  • Agosto Nuñez

    Internet Explorer F.T.W.

    I’m looking forward to Cloud tab and bookmark synchronization across Internet Explorer and Internet Explorer Mobile 😀

  • Mark Matheson

    That’ll piss off the European Commission, must be time for another suing!