If You Bought The New Surface Pro 3, Microsoft Recommends You To Try These Apps And Games

Microsoft Store is now taking the orders for the new Surface Pro 3 device. You can now only order 128GB / Intel i5 and 256GB / Intel i5 models and the item will ship by 6/30. However, you can pre-order all other SKUs and it will be shipping by 8/1/2014. Order them before it goes out of stock. If you pre-ordered the device and got it delivered or picked one at retail stores, Microsoft recommends you to do few things with your new device.

  • Pair the Pen – The pen is part of what makes Surface Pro 3 special and it is really fun to use. Pairing is simple and the setup experience will walk you through it. The Pen draws in apps like Fresh Paint and Sketchbook Express, it takes notes in OneNote, it marks up presentations in PowerPoint or documents in Word, and makes it easy to navigate desktop apps when you’re not using a mouse and keyboard.
  • Install games and apps from the Windows Store. (List of recommended apps and games can be found below)
  • Install updates.


  1. Sudoku
  2. Asphalt 8: Airborne
  3. Halo: Spartan Assault
  4. Project Spark
  5. GunFinger


  1. Adobe Photoshop CC
  2. Adobe Photoshop Express
  3. Drawboard PDF
  4. Facebook
  5. Flipboard
  6. Kindle
  7. Netflix
  8. New York Times
  9. Sketchbook Express
  10. Skype
  11. Twitter

Order Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft Store today.

  • bibleverse1

    good recomendations

    • Bugbog

      Yep. Just discovered Gunfinger; simple but equally frustrating!

  • LexicoRed

    It very telling; Microsoft release it’s latest and arguable best piece of hardware yet the muted response for posters here and other sites speak volume. Even hard core fans of the company are giving a collective “meh”.

    It sadly it reinforces the inevitable; hardware strategy is not working and will be ending soon. The positive is it also reinforces the company’s real strengths and will help Nadella rally the troops to do great work.

    • perfectalpha

      They should have recommended Tweetium and not Twitter. Tweetium takes a dump all over the Win8 twitter app.
      As far as the reply, I think Microsoft’s problem is greed with their hardware prices. I don’t know why they are not including the keyboard with the device. As a matter of fact, the only answer given is because people want to choose their own color. How about this for an idea? RELEASE ONE WITH THE SAME MAGNESIUM CHASSIS SO BLOGGERS STOP CRYING.
      Secondly, Intel’s Broadwell chips were not ready. Folks want 8-10+ hours of battery life, not 6-8 hours of battery life.
      Finally and perhaps the most important question, do consumers want Windows desktop we know of today? It is extremely mature and powerful, but consumer behavior has changed now since the iPhone came out. Does the desktop have legitimate value if the other OS learn to multi-task effectively and can reply to messages without having to leave the apps.

      • sledge1234


  • sledge1234

    its always nice to read thoughts from commenter who think they have the ultimate answer to a question no one is actually (really) asking. The device is great, its targeted at a certain category of people who can afford it, pretty much like when the iphone and ipad came out. This category of devices are pretty expensive but people are willing to spend that money because they know its value for money. Almost everyone who has bought or has used these devices love them and appreciate the effort put into designing and building them, for those who love but cant afford a surface pro 3 for instance know they can always buy a cheaper alternative from other OEMs. These OEMs know they need to make profit on the devices for them to argue the relevance/importance of having the design and build team around.

    • TGH435

      That sounded great but the fact that Surface sales has been non performing to the level of dismal and money losing. This fact points to wishful thinking on your part.

      • sledge1234

        Well like you say, it all sounds great. But I have a question for you? Why would you care so much about the sales figures of the device? Does it change the fact that its a well built device and that you as an average user can use it satisfactorily to get most of you work done and also have fun while doing it? Do you think the millions of average users who buy such devices do so based on the sales figures released by these companies?? If I see a great product that does a great job and promises any sort of aftersales support and service, would I first lookup Bloomberg/Morningstar for the financial data/sales figures for the company before making a choice?? The argument here is this.. Is it a great product and does it meet the needs of the average user? I think the marketing strategies undertaken to promote the device is a completely different question altogether.

        • TGH435

          I will let those few Zune buyer, unlucky kin owner, and disappointed Surface RT first adopters answer your questions. In the meantime the fact sales are poor is the market telling you that the product is not feeling the needs of the average user.

          • sledge1234

            You ignore the question directed at you.. why would “you” care what the sales figures are. Do you lack the self belief or conviction to make a decision and stick with it on a product so much so that you rely on whether its being bought by others? Most people who buy devices for the right reasons don’t get swayed by questionable logic about sales numbers, they leave that to shareholders who only care about their bottom line.

          • Mike

            Your points are good ones, note that you didn’t receive an answer.
            I wrote an article about this tablet after my first 24 hours. Related to this discussion, I stated that people need to look at this device for what it offers / what is does, vice these argumentative statements for the sake of debate. Also referenced the churn Samsung received when they brought the Note phone to market, 3 years later, everyone making large phones, including Apple.
            Lastly, it should be noted that its been refreshing to watch a company remake the Surface line of devices since original, meaning MSFT has and is listening to us, the consumer.