IHS iSuppli: Microsoft May Sell Over 1M Surface Tablets In Q4 2012

Few analysts predicted that Microsoft may sell few million Surface tablets in Q4 2012. Now, IHS iSuppli analyst Rhoda Alexander have told CNET that Microsoft may sell only over 1.3 million Surface units this quarter. She said “I would be surprised to see it much above that,”.

Boston-based brokerage firm, Detwiler Fenton released their research report on Surface sales and told that the number will be below 1 Million. Do you think Microsoft can reach the million units number by selling the device through online stores alone in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, and in ~90 retail stores from US?

I think this numbers will go up if Microsoft makes Surface available among 3rd party physical and online retailers.

Source: CNET


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gavin-Tom/100001144097567 Gavin Tom

    damn straight the surface is amazing.

  • toyturbine

    Hmm. That’s only RT. Pro is another story when it comes out in the beginning of next year.

  • http://twitter.com/purevibz jack frost

    Everyone wants to use mine all the time…and my wife put down her iPad and want to use my surface..

  • soggybiscuit

    that is poor sales, for a huge marketing campaign, Microsoft made a mistake by not have it sold in big electronic retailers also

    • SteveyAyo

      Considering how limited the availability is its actually quite good for sales. By selling it everywhere they would have pissed off their entire OEM population, their bread and butter.

      • Brian

        Microsoft hasn’t said publicly, but pretty much all the rumors have pointed to an initial target of 4 million for the quarter and the rumors of a 60% cut in orders for those 4 million Surfaces fit pretty well with this new estimate of 1.3 million. Microsoft would have figured the limited availability into their initial estimates so that is a non-issue.

        • Manu

          I’m not sure how Microsoft ever imagined they’d sell 4M units through their online store and 60 retail outlets.

    • eLse

      Yeah. Or at least, ship it internationally.

  • http://twitter.com/digthenoise Dig The Noise

    I’ll want to get another Surface soon, too hard for the 3 of us to share. Currently, my son is done with homework and chilling with it on the couch … I could pull rank, but will honor dibs since he’s doing well in school.
    I will wait for the Pro in 1Q/2013, but if it is delayed I will probably buy another RT. I will eventually have the Pro even with a 2nd RT, as my wife is considering giving up her work laptop for an RT.

  • blackhawk556

    Microsoft is worried that untrained employees at best buy will talk smack about the surface so they are controlling how people talk about by only selling online and at MS retail stores. They are doing the right thing by following this strategy but at the same time hurting sales big time limiting sales channels. the closest MS store to where I live is 2.5 hours, that’s way too far to drive to test one out.

  • stve2

    still too expensive! should have sold it under $350, it has no change against the ipad and its eco system and brand recognition.

    • donzebe

      “ipad and iphone are old school” Just heard a little boy told the parents at Best buy..

    • Manu

      I agree entirely. I think even 399 would be compelling. But to have it come out at 499, without the most innovative piece (cover) its lunacy.

  • Manu

    Sell it at Amazon and BestBuy and drop the price by $100. It will fly off shelfs then. The pricing just came in too high. It’d be like if Ford wanted to compete with BMW and priced their car exactly the same. It won’t ever work.

    • duk3togo

      which is Ford and which is BMW?? Surface is powerful, nice, looking hybrid tablet. Btw that example was off lol

      • Manu

        You have Microsoft glasses on. The consumer views Apple as a premium product maker. Microsoft is viewed as the commodity player. It is a very apt comparison, Ford’s latest offerings have fantastic design, build quality and performance. But the market will never view them on part with a premium product.

        • Tips_y

          You are blinded by the Apple Reality distortion field! Apple products are NOT premium products! They ARE marketed well but they ARE NOT, NEVER WERE premium products!

          • Manu

            Did I say that I viewed it as premium? I don’t own any Apple products. I have an 8X and a Lenovo. But the world on the whole? They view apple as premium products. If you don’t believe that, you’re drinking from the same well that Microsoft is.

          • jimski27

            And if Microsoft lowers their price they will always be perceived as the “cheap” alternative. I say, leave that category for Android and hold your ground Microsoft. My Surface was worth every penny.

          • Manu

            There’s a middle ground between the clearance prices that some of these Android tabs meet and the premium price of an iPad. There needs to be surface value (pun intended). The minute you need to bust out a chart to compare value to the market leader you’re failing. Those of us informed see significant value in surface with the USB port, HDMI, Office, more storage. But Microsoft’s job is to create value at a glance for a consumer. Setting you new tablet, with a new OS, with less apps at the same price as the iPad doesn’t accomplish that. They should at minimum run ads showing off the value proposition then, advertising office included. Instead we get dancing, sold separately covers, and music.

          • Tips_y

            The world as a whole?!! The Mac OS has barely 11% of market share in the U.S. and way, way below that worldwide and the iPhone-iPad combo has only about 20% share worldwide! I say YOU are drunk! I want what you’re drinking! LOL!

        • duk3togo

          Are you serious comparing a Ford to a BMW?? Ok, the pricing is not really the reason for the surface not selling well. Its due to MS selling it in its 19+ stores. Had they sold it at all major retailers it would have sold millions upon millions, but at the same time lost millions upon millions. Why??!! Because their OEM partners would have been pissed that they are competing against them as well. Since MS is not going to charge themselves a licensing fee. I am not the one with based glasses, I personally don’t think your analogy makes any sense.

          • Manu

            Because there are how many other RT tablets on the market? Which OEMs would they piss off more? They made the device, they need to either sell it or discontinue it. Cutting your original order by 60%+ doesn’t call out a success.

          • duk3togo

            That’s the point the reason the OEMs do not want to go head to head against MS. I’ve used the Asus RT tablet and I like it the only reason I didn’t buy it is because I had the surface. had they advertisers the Asus RT tab would sell many more due to its availability everywhere, heck even staples sells them.

    • Tips_y

      The Surface is NOT equivalent to “Ford” as you seem to imply in your “Ford vs BMW” analogy!

      • Brian

        You’re right, Ford is broadly successful. Maybe more like Suzuki in the US market.

        • Tips_y

          Speaks more of how the U.S. people are rather than Suzuki itself because it was successful in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the world. It’s flattering really that you’re comparing the Surface RT to Suzuki.

    • Schooner1984

      Remove BB from your statement, change Ford to Lincoln, then you have a compelling assertion and comparison.

      • Manu

        Point taken. I agree.

  • http://www.facebook.com/markoostveen Mark Oostveen

    I lieve in the Netherlands andit is nearly impossible to get one. Just open online MS shops in more countries. If they think they would piss of other OEMs, than why did they release it in major markets? Releasing it in all markets will not irritate them much more. And if so let them work on their tablets, its not like they have a decent alternative OS wise(meaning linux or ????). I do not need a physical shop I would instantly buy it online from MS. so what is the problem? I will wait for the Pro by the way, just hope I will be able to buy that one somehow….

    • Psyllo

      im from belgium ordered mine in the french website on wensday and got it deliverd from holland on friday

      So i woulden’t say it’s impossible true no dutch language yet but i can live with english so its no biggie

  • Esben

    They will sell a lot more if they expand the sale to more countries. I would like one in Denmark! :-)

  • Schooner1984

    I would like to see a breakdown of online vs. MS Store sales, and further how many customers did not know about the Surface prior to buying one at the MS Store. I am fortunate to have a MS kiosk at my local mall, and I found the Surface to be a very compelling device. Selling a million +, with its limited distribution with only regional footprint is not bad for an new entry product. I expect higher numbers for the Pro (which I am waiting for) and v2.0 models, IF there are v2.0 models.