Images Of Nokia Windows RT 8.1 Tablet For Verizon Leaked

Nokia Windows RT Verizon Red

Yesterday, we posted some information about the upcoming Nokia Windows RT tablet. We reported that the device is coming to AT&T in Cyan color. Today, images of red colored Nokia Windows RT tablet for Verizon got leaked on to the web. Windows RT branding confirms that it is a Windows RT device as opposed to x86 based Windows 8 device. Also it confirms that it will have LTE connectivity  built-in which is evident from the Verizon 4G LTE branding.

As per our previous reports, Nokia is planning to announce their Windows RT tablet next month in US with the following spec,

  • Nokia is working on a Windows RT 8.1 tablet.
  • It will be powered by Snapdragon 800 processor at 2.15 hz
  • It will sport a 10.1″ 1080p screen, 5 point multi-touch with wide viewing angles.
  • In-built storage of 32 GB
  • Detachable keyboard/stand which should be connected to the tablet to make it work just like Touch/Type covers for Surface.
  • There is a battery in the keyboard for extra power.
  • USB ports in the back
  • Wireless N Cell compatible
  • Micro HDMI & USB 3.0 port support
  • Will also come in Cyan matte color
  • Device manufactured by Compal

Source: Digi-wo

  • Bobby Vulture

    I hope that a Windows 8 (non RT) version will come…

    • observer2121

      Please detail why you don’t like RT, I have the Surface RT and I don’t have any problems with it.

      • jesset

        I don’t have either, but being able to run any program would be a plus for me. I’d only get RT on a small tablet (8″ or so).

      • Sunovavic

        I would need it to run Visual Studio.

      • Bobby Vulture

        I didn’t say I dont like RT. For my personal usage I rather use a full windows 8. I need a productivity tool and RT is more entertainement.

    • Liberal Republic

      RT is good. It is better than any tablet OS in the market except windows 8. I will not buy crap from OEMs. Microsoft and Nokia have produced great hardware. They have been updating the firmware ever since I got them. I don’t see that happening in any other tablets or computers I own. I will buy a tablet with an atom only if either MS or Nokia produces them. Otherwise, I stick to RT from Nokia or MS. This will no way replace my PC. It will be a great companion device. I am sure MS will add more enterprise features to RT in the future. People who haven’t used Surface RT will hate it. People who have used Surface RT will love it. I own a Surface RT and a Kindle. I did not turn on my Kindle since I got Surface RT.

  • Joey

    I want a huge rt phablet. That’s where rt makes sense.

    • alukard

      yes, 8 inch tablet is the sweet spot for portability and legibility.

  • saqrkh

    I’d be fine with RT so long as they include active digitizer/stylus!

    • JohnCz

      couldn’t agree more

      • kuruption213

        same here!

  • Mark Matheson

    Based on the experience with my Surface, I’m not a fan of RT. It’s slow, struggles with app switching, app loading and video streaming – It’s no comparison to cheaper laptops running Windows 7 or 8.
    I know it’s not meant to be a desktop OS but it’s not a tablet OS either. If they had upscaled the Windows Phone OS for tablets – that would have offered a better experience than RT.

    • MuhsSalah

      maybe that’snot RT’s fault..maybe its the fault of the weak tegra 3 inside the surface RT
      the leaks say that nokia tablet will come with currently the best ARM processor on the market ; snapdragon s800

    • alukard

      I disagree. My surface rt has proved very capable when the right app is available. I respect its limitations when I use it, and it actually runs far better with Windows 8.1.
      I’d recommend it to anyone as a viable tablet as long ad they don’t intend to use desktop apps.

    • gumby

      Have you installed the 8.1 preview??? Its a diffrent world. Not slow at all. It’s all I use most of the time.

      • Mark Matheson

        Yeah, got it installed. Definitely better but still not the best. My Surface is relegated to news, book and comic book reading – fire up my PC for anything else.

        • grs_dev

          Just out of curiosity what do you use for a laptop?

          Sometimes expectations are set by how we use other devices. Maybe you’re comparing apples to oranges by comparing your Surface to your lappy.

    • Joe_HTH

      That has absolutely nothing to do with the OS and everything to do with the dated Tegra 3 processor they put in it. Besides, I wonder if you’re being a bit disingenuous, because I haven’t had problems with those things on my Surface, especially with the update. Windows RT is vastly superior to Android.

      • Mark Matheson

        Heh, I’m known in my office for being the pro-Microsoft guy and take a lot of flack for it, I don’t own Android based nor Apple devices so there is nothing disingenuous about my statement.
        And yes it has everything to do with the OS. Microsoft chose the processor, memory and hard disk for their custom hardware so the OS could be shown off running optimally which means the system should feel as fast and fluid whether 1 or 100 apps are installed.
        However, when compared to the likes on an iPad – performance is woefully slower. The degradation is not what we see on the Windows Phone, Xbox 360, Windows Embedded and probably not on the Xbox One so they can do better than this – we’ve already seen that.

        • GG002

          RT is still in its infancy as well. I have noticed enormous differences in performance since I installed 8.1 RT preview, and there are no issues with app switching and streaming. The only thing that I had some real trouble with when running Win 8.0 RT was that typing with the touch cover was unresponsive sometimes, but that’s fast and fluid now with 8.1 RT.

          • Bugbog

            The only time I’ve ever had sluggish (laggy) performance on my RT was when my Flash-HD space was got below 1GB!

            Clean that up to have over 2GB, and it starts to fly again!

        • grs_dev

          Hey Tim, I mean Mark. I have a Windows Surface RT and do all those things you mentioned without a hitch individually and/or simultaneously at times even.

          Are you sure you’re:
          a) using a windows surface RT?
          b) using a decent wifi connection?
          c) the unit that you got is defective somehow?

          and last but not least, are you sure you’re not Tim Cook?

          • Mark Matheson

            a) yes
            b) yes
            c) you never know – it could be. Event Viewer certainly isn’t giving anything away.
            and last but not least, I’m an MS supporter – doesn’t mean I don’t find fault with their products. I share my experience in these discussions to see if people feel the same or possibly get or offer some advice. Maybe I am in a minority with my negative feelings for RT but at least I have explained why – and compared the experience to other MS products which do not suffer the same woes (apart from the whole YouTube debacle on Windows Phone right now). That said, I can confirm I am not Tim Cook.

          • Liberal Republic

            Mark, we are not bashing you for expressing your views. I hate to be a fanboy of any corporation. I believe you genuinely have an issue with your RT device. Based on our experience, it looks like you got a faulty device.

            I totally agree with anyone who says it should be faster. Remember, Surface RT is a device that is more than 10 months old. 10 months is like eons ago in the field of technology.

    • grs_dev

      I think @markmatheson:disqus is Tim Cook’s blogging alter ego…

      • Liberal Republic

        Hey, he has every right to express his issues. he is not denouncing RT. he is laying out his experience and it looks like he got a faulty device.

        • grs_dev

          You clearly did not get the joke.

          But since you went there, no he wasn’t merely expressing his issues. When someone says, They should have done this and done that, and the suggestion is clearly against the grain or essence of the concept, that’s not an issue that’s stemming from a faulty unit. That’s a fundamental disagreement with the philosophy of the design and, yes that would be denouncing the product…

    • Liberal Republic

      I use Surface RT heavily. I don’t see those problem at all on my Surface. I wonder if you got a faulty device or something else may be the culprit.

      Windows 7? WIndows 7 is not touch optimized. I agree Windows RT is not a desktop OS but it is better than any other tablet OS except windows 8.

      • Eman Lacuata

        same here… I’m a senior consultant for an IT Company and i have been able to perform my role just by using my Surface RT. I can remote servers locally do remote sessions with teamviewer to for clients do presentations and outlook… awesome addition plus powershell!!! so yeah surface rt fits me plus last me all day compared to my colleagues who has pro but barely use it and when they do wont event last half way my RT’s battery :)

  • gumby

    umm… this just a rebranded surface??

    • Valk

      No. Different CPU with different features. It will likely be less expensive, and have difference performance characteristics.

      • Bugbog

        Expensive enough; I’m fairly certain that Nokia will be shooting for between $299 – $499!

  • RichFrantz

    Am I the only one who would prefer straight HDMI rather than micro? I’d rather use the same cables as my other home theater components use. Maybe it’s just me…

    • Bugbog

      At least the Micro will work just the same as; I’ve only just realised (smh) that the port on my Surface RT is not Micro-HDMI compatible!

  • Liberal Republic

    I love my Surface RT and lumia 920. I am a big fan of Nokia after using 920. I will buy this device. Nokia doing RT tablet is good for RT. They will keep pressuring Microsoft to update faster.

  • elpadr1no

    This site is special. If someone says something bad about a MS product, he must be a troll. Well I was lucky enough to get 2 Surface RTs for my bday.(I know…it’s really sad how everyone knows i’m an MS fanboy) Used it for 1 week and couldn’t live with it. Took both back for a Surface Pro. The stylus is god-sent and being able to run EVERY APP created for Windows is not something I could give up. Only problem is battery life. If I leave the house with it, I have to take the plug. My Series 5 laptop has better battery life and a keyboard so sometimes its a hard decision.
    I still take the Pro though because when I whip that pen out, everyone asks questions. 😀

    • nohone

      If you write that you tried it, it didn’t work for you, ad give a well reasoned explanation as you did in your post here, nobody is going to jump all over you. If you write something like “I hate Microsoft, they suck, all their products suck, I never buy Microsoft and never will. Long live Apple/Google!” or apply one standard to Apple/Google and another to Microsoft, then you will be corrected.
      And for the claim that this place is special, obviously you have not been to an Apple focused site. The example I like to give is my experience with my iPod a few years ago. I have my music on a network share, and wanted to use that music in itunes, so I asked how. I was told I was stupid, not worthy of using an Apple product, needed to think different, and when they found out I was running itunes on Windows, then the attacks really started. You can’t even discuss Microsoft on a Microsoft centered web site such as this one or others, without being attacked by the rabid Apple/Google fans. Other Microsoft centered web sites have been overrun by them, and yet when I go to Apple websites, to read and not post, I never see Microsoft fans writing about Apple like the Apple fans write here.

  • tomakali
  • Memristor

    No camera in the back?