Instagram Non-controversy Shows Media’s Willingness to Bash Microsoft

While the discussion in this post may be obvious and quite apparent to most of you, it may not be to all.  It is important to remember we have new readers everyday who are just escaping the Apple & Google reality distortion fields perpetuated daily by our blatantly biased fangirls “tech media.”

The Instagram non-controversy was what I would call a ‘teachable moment.’  I woke up early Wednesday morning to see a smaller blog breaking the story that Instagram would be released later that day for windows phone.  Of course, as we have now come to expect, as usual, the larger tech sites did not credit the site when they reported on the story themselves.  I then went on to read the Xbox reviews that had finally come out.  It was an exercise in torture, reading poorly written, and even more poorly thought out reviews lacking a modicum of intellectual thought.  The Verge even had the tenacity to claim that the PS4’s UI “immediately made sense” while the Xbox One’s UI was confusing.  The Xbox One UI is not confusing to a damn person who has spent time with Windows Phone or Windows 8.  Or for that matter, the bestselling console for the past couple years, the Xbox 360.

Someone on twitter put it best “Aww man, I review new products for a living, but I didn’t really want to actually have to learn how they work.”

A bit past noon, huge confusion breaks out over the Instagram.  While the app would not be available for another two hours in the Windows Phone Store, “journalists” start pontificating out of their asses and claim you cannot not take photos from within the Instagram app.  Huge amounts of Microsoft bashing from tech journalists ensues on twitter without even bothering to verify this claim.  TechCrunch even went so far to publish an article bashing Windows Phone platform and the WP Instagram app without even fact checking anything! The TechCrunch article is still published without any meaningful correction and ends with:

“Well done, Windows Phone team: You’ve just made your platform the Yakov Smirnoff of the mobile world.”

matt cat"Feminist" Natasha

Even so called Microsoft observers joined in on the frenzy because they want to be accepted and respected by their apple & google-loving peers more than reporting what is true and accurate.  This happened despite Instagram publishing a blog post explaining more features would come over time and marking the app as BETA.  (See:

After the confusion cleared up, many people pointed to falling standards in journalisms or the pressure to publish first.  The bloggers tried to blame Instagram and Microsoft PR people, claiming they were totally innocent just “passing on information.”  I think most people are missing the bigger lesson here.  The larger tech blogs wanted to bash Microsoft; they were just waiting for an excuse.  When Instagram launched on Android last March it lacked many features too and got video sharing after iOS. (See similar thought here)  There were no posts written anywhere bashing the Android app.  The Xbox One clearly being the better console and Instagram & Waze finally coming to Windows Phone was just too much for them. (To clarify, in terms of higher average reviewer score regarding the Xbox)

Now, months after claiming Instagram was one of the last major apps needed for Windows Phone platform, the goal posts are being moved.  Blog posts published today, which can be found in all the usual places, claiming nearly ~200,000 apps isn’t enough, Instagram, Vine, etc. isn’t enough, and the hardware somehow is still not good enough.  The real lesson here is that nothing will be good enough [from Microsoft] for the tech press that lives to love Apple and Google.  It is too engrained in the culture that hating Microsoft is cool and biased reporting is perfectly acceptable.

Combating this culture is one of the challenges Microsoft’s new CEO will face.  Perception is reality, especially inside the silicon valley bubble.  The damage done everyday by articles like the one by TechCrunch and uninformed bashing of Microsoft by influentials on twitter is incalculable.  These tweets and posts are seen by the uninformed masses who will never see that this pseudo-controversy was totally contrived.  All they know is that the “windows phone Instagram app can’t even take pictures.”  Over the years, this in turn has seeped into the American culture that Microsoft is horrible.  There is a reason Windows Phone is seeing more success overseas.

  • Zdenko

    I would still like to know why it took so longe to get the App from them in the first place?

    • wp77

      Because Instagram wouldn’t build it and they would either sue or lock out the API’s to any developer that tried. eg: 6Tag, which is as good or better.

  • jaylyric

    Very,very,very true article.. I sure hope that Microsoft can do something about this and succeed in doing so… Soon.very soon I might add..

  • Karthikeyan

    Sharing this in 3, 2, 1

  • Jackie

    One only has to listen to the ‘Tech News Today’ Podcast, and ‘This Week in Tech’ to hear unprofessional and almost constant Microsoft bashing, it seems they can never do right.

    If you’re in tech, it’s ‘cool’ to like Apple and Google, but not Microsoft.

  • sri_tech

    In my opinion, Microsoft should ignore these tech bloggers. The more they are trying to please them, the more they bash the Microsoft products.

    For example, Microsoft invited Verge chief editor to their research center and all that guy did was to belittle everything Microsoft does.

    They did the same mistake by inviting Nilay for XBOX event. All he writes is bashing Microsoft in numerous articles.

    He had an editorial criticizing Microsoft for not doing anything with Nokia after announcing the purchase. Is he that dumb that deal is not going be closed until Q1 next year?

    Why would Microsoft invite the guys who publicly says he hates anything Windows?

    “Even so called Microsoft observers joined in on the frenzy because they want to be accepted and respected by their apple & google-loving peers more than reporting what is true and accurate.”

    I know whom you are referring in this case. He likes Microsoft products and used to run site for everything related to MS. But what you said is very true.
    His review on Dell Venue 8 pro clear indication of that. He compared the $300 Dell Venue 8 Pro with retina ipad mini which costs $400 instead of last years ipad mini ($300).

    Bias is evident from these bloggers when they claim chromebooks are good even though they don’t have any of the programs/apps but WP and Windows RT bad because of missing few apps.

    They change goalposts all the time and its happening for the last 3 years since introduction of WP.
    First it was angrybirds then audible then pandora then spotify then instagram then vine and the list goes on.
    It is so pathetic that they are saying WP and RT are missing Google+ which I doubt even Google would use.

    Microsoft PR su***. Be a man and ignore these silly idiots.
    Concentrate on bringing apps silently without making a fuss about it. Improve the OS.
    Market all the great features that are there in WP and Windows 8/RT.
    Show the world how useful all the features like multitasking with snap view, gestures, smart search, MS Office etc…

    • Nham Thien Duong

      I agree completely, it’s almost as if the entire media revolves around Microsot-hating, the Colbert Report only mentions errors in computers with specifically ”Windows” listed above error, and praises Macs, no-one ever mentions any app gaps for any other platform, not even BlackBerry, it’s a Microsoft-only ”issue”, but the reality is that many consumers listen to these biased bloggers :-(

    • clay113

      So agree, and I know exactly what you are talking about regarding Josh and Nilay visiting MS. It’s like we show you products, and the whole time they are like, well why not this or how come you guys aren’t doing that. I just wonder if there is a video of a visit to cupertino where they are giving the folks at Apple the 3rd degree when they are showing them new products.

      • Eli_Vance

        If there was a video of guys like Josh and Nilay at Google or Apple HQ it would probably be X rated.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Almost every web-site does this, this is why I avoid typing Microsoft-related searches into Bing News or read the comment sections, it seems as if almost everyone on the internet is anti-Microsoft, always the same empty rethoric ”Microsoft never innovated”, ”Post-P.C. nonsense” and anything to hate Microsoft, Windows P.C.’s have more apps in the Windows Store alone than in the Mac App Store”, hmmm, ”let’s compare it to the iPad’s aPP Store, as the Windows Store has a huge app gap”, or anything else, societyandreligion always critisizes Windows Phone 8.1 (for almost a half-year) despite not being released (I think they do it for the page-views).

    Go to any site and you’ll almost universally read how Microsoft ”missed mobile” (completely ignoring Windows C.E.) and how Tablets aren’t P.C.’s or how Ballmer was a bad C.E.O. (despite his high profitability rates) and Windows Vista went down more due to a negative media review than by itself, Windows 7 (which is just a re-branded Windows Vista) proved that, now Windows 8 is often being ”held in the shelves” because consumers read ”it’s bad” but rarely do people specify what’s wrong with it, people think it’s slower and associate everything ”bad” on computers with the O.S. a lot of people I’ve met who have never tried Windows 8 hate it because ”they’ve heared someone say it”. The media hates Microsoft, but it clearly doesn’t need them, as Microsoft is still innovating and profitable.

    On ZDNet there are a few Linux-writers who’ll predict that Microsoft will fall every week, which is why I only read Mary-Jo Foley or Ed Bott, even they are critical of Microsoft, but are realistic in their critisism, but Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols only bashes Microsoft, every article.

    • Eli_Vance

      Not to mention the fact that everyone of those crap articles are filled with hoardes of idiot commenters that just parrot whatever they are told. Then toss in some blue screen or Kin jokes.

      • LexicoRed

        Or Vista, Zune, Windows 8, Bob, Surface RT writedown, or RROD jokes.

        They act is if microsoft is the only company that put out a few failures. Even worse is the Baamer insults of poor management and Monkey Boy Dance.

  • Julien

    Very good article ,thanks !

  • Nham Thien Duong

    Another great comparison is all the ”R.I.P. Zune” when Microsoft just rebranded it as ”Xbox Music” all the passes and purchased remained, and a lot of Tech Blrrr Glokhs (Blurry glassed-blogs) immediately infiltrated every aspect of Zune and said it was dead, and confused consumers sometimes even though that their money would be ”lost”, while if Apple completely makes the Mac incompatible with older versions, Wikipedia treats it as ”the same product line”, but if Microsoft renames Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, including the older versions as on the Microsoft Community, they’ll say ”different products, completely incompatible”, despite some versions of Windows C.E. today STILL run those programmes, which will also be absoped into Windows 8.

    Google discontinues features ”they still live on in X”, Microsoft rebrands them ”Microsoft just KILLED Y”, there are so many double standards that are just injust.

  • Rikkirik

    Can’t Microsoft sue these lying tech bloggers and tech sites for misleading information, slander and poor journalism?? If one tech site or blogger we’re found guilty and be fined a hefty amount of money for this, this misbehaviour would stop emmediately, for sure. Microsoft should make a case against these tech sites and bloggers.

    • spydaweb

      Actually this would just be worse. I think it’s more important for Microsoft to take advantage of the avenues that they do control. My suggestions to MS.

      1) Be more transparent with the journalists and news outlets who DO cover them honestly.
      2) Create more content (Youtube,Channel9,XBOX Wire) that highlights the standout and differentiating features in their products. Not fluff pieces. Real substantive stuff. I love the more in-depth stuff Nokia Conversations used to put out. I wish they’d do more of that. Channel 9 tries to do some of this, but not enough. We need more and better content.

      3) Advertise the hell out of their products with feature-full adverts (Nokia has done a great job of this and I hope their marketing folks can have a strong influence on Microsoft once the merger kicks in). I just overheard a bunch of co-workers the other day as they discovered the Lumia 925 Ad, the one with the girls riding the neon scooters. That Ad is months old, but they were raving about it. Nokia is doing something right.

      4) Take more control of the in-store sale experience. I had an interesting conversation with a guy the other day about my 920. We were at a group dinner together (he’s a friend of a friend, never met him before). He was comparing of all things, my camera flash to his and the results of our photos. He was so blown away he plans to switch asap. No selling on my part, he just needed to see the features first hand. This is a guy, to hear him say it you believe it, he’s a diehard iPhone guy. Gets the latest phone the moment it’s released, but he’s also an avid photographer going back to the film days. Still shoots on film, in fact. If the product (and we’re talking about a 920 folks), not even the best Nokia has to offer, but if this can impress him enough to want to switch, I think Nokia (and MS) are doing something right.

      • Rikkirik

        You are right in what you suggest, but still it would not hurt to sue them. I am curious to see what a jugde would have to say about this. It would not be good for the image of the tech site/blogger either to be sued because of misleading en inaccurate information, they would start loosing their followers sooner or later. Stars,famous singers, actors etc in Holland take magazines to the court s frequently because of slander and misleading information about their private or business life. So it’s a pretty normal practice. If found guilty they have to pay a penalty and or correct their information publicly.

        • spydaweb

          Actually it would be a giant waste of money and resources. No offense, but this is not Holland. The constitution and laws in the US do a lot to protect news agencies’ ability to speak out without fear of repurcussions. Having to change an article here or there would not change an industry that’s rarely about hard “news” and instead celebrates biased opinion (mascarading as news).

          It’s unlikely the news outlets would be hurt much. Worst case would probably result in dismissal of the writer who was simply writing their opinion (not the opinion of the news outlet).

          Things are not as grim as they seem. Microsoft has always had an uphill battle against the mainstream media when it came to their products. Hasn’t stopped them from succeeding eventually. It will just take time, good execution, and positive thinking.

          I’d rather they spend their money and resources on making great products than fighting biased thugs in court.

    • @roxberry

      I think they should be more like Apple and just cut the lying bastards out. Have pow-wows where you have a short list of *objective* journalists – seek out youngbloods, give them plenty of review devices and materials, keep an open feedback loop with this group and let them get their firsts. Firsts are key to this thing and Microsoft isn’t doing that too well.

      For more honest reviews, I look to WMPowerUser is a good site, Long Zhen, Paul Thurrot, Mary Jo Foley, Ed Bott, sometimes Tom Warren (though I’m not sure if he’s been lured over to the dark side). On Twitter, @EverythingMS is a good aggregation account.

      • nohone

        The thing with Tom Warren it is odd how he is supposed to be covering all MS related news, but a number of reviews are done by people who are deeply against Microsoft. It is as if they read his reviews, and if it is not negative enough then they give it to one of the other people who are very pro-Apple to do it “the right way.” All the Apple articles are done by a couple people, once in a while a review of a MS will be done by Tom, and the rest are by the same people who reviewed the Apple product and the MS product is criticized for the same exact things that the Apple product was praised for.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    And another double standard is when Windows 8.1 (Blue) came out people said ”R.I.P. Windows 8” while O.S. X completely changed the Mac O.S. in that it is 2 different product lines, if Microsoft moves the cheese, ”there is no cheese, Microsoft ”killed” it”, if Apple throws the cheese away ”we get so much new features” (even if they don’t).

    • @roxberry

      And no mention that there are now more Windows 8 users than OSX users combined – literally a months to YEARS ratio. But the hipsters love the Apple and the Goog – so.

  • deathdealer351

    I always thought they did it to make money. Bash an MS product and the fan boys will come. Apple/google to join in on the mocking and MS to defend. A fanboy war when you get 1 cent per click is just bank.

    • Paul

      Same opinion here. It’s all about business and clicks, not about the content.

  • Will B

    People do know that you CAN take pictures via the Windows Phone Instagram app, right?

    • Bryan

      I think the author’s point is that while you reading this blog does know, the average person does not.

  • Rikkirik

    I once got in conflict with a tech writer, mr Onoura from, because he claimed that Bing was inferior to Google because when he Googled his website, it came up first, while in Bing the website came in at a fifth place.
    When I Google and Binged his website in Holland (where I live), it came up first in Bing and on the second page on Google. I reacted and opposed his methodology, which showed a lack of statistical skills, data and insight to make such a conclusion.
    This same mr Onoura also evaluated the Windows RT tablet, while seated in a plane. Because he did not know how to operate the RT tablet, he continually swithed to his own Ipad and went on to bash the Windows RT tablet (without using it). I doubled down on him, critisizing his article and review and making a fool of him (it became personal). Mind you I do not swear or curse, that’s not my style, but I stick to the facts (as presented by the writer), the poor quality of their journalistic competence and I make fun of their behavior. By making it personal (critisizing his knoweledge of the tablet’s functionalities and his incompetence) it was not funny for mr. Onoura anymore. He decided to ban me from his website, I couldn’t log onto his website anymore, the nerve. I opened a totally new account to bypass this. In another article they used my reactions to show how fans reactions to tech bloggers and writers are becomming more aggressive, again the nerve.
    Microsoft should put out a prize for tech bloggers and writers who are to be commended for objective journalism when it comes Microsoft business, products and services. In doing that MS can also give fans insight in those bloggers and writers who are on the black list. Fans will know where they can go for more objective information.

  • textomatic

    Personally I’m done reading all these tech sites. The Verge, Engadget, TechCrunch, etc., they are all run by people who don’t have a clue on how journalism works. They report on news but it reads more like an editorial with snarky anti-Microsoft comments. They do reviews and they are full of inaccuracies that make you wonder if they even tried. The inmates run the asylum = the internet.

    • clay113


    • Eli_Vance

      I think the problem with these tech sites is that the writers aren’t real journalists. They are more on the side of fans who let their bias show through without ever even trying to hide it.
      There is also the issue that tech companies might be paying them, or large banks and other financial institutions want to make sure their Apple and Google shares stay high priced so they bash all of the competition.

  • Vincent Haakmat

    The sad part is that even Microsoft Bing Finance App, has 95% only Microsoft bashing news reports (like mothly fool and I mean if they openly allow that to happen in their own apps, then it won’t surprise me that other websites bash them openly too. If they want to spend their next billion, don’t buy companies or whoa developers, but take charge of the message

    • well wisher

      Bing finance app uses bing news algorithm to pick up the latest techbusiness news on the internet. Now, if internet has all ms bashing articles there is nothing they can do about it. It would be even more stupid of them to bias the algorithm in favour of one or the other. You don’t want to be fox news

  • Pookiewood

    Well done! Thanks for this!

  • Adrian

    You can go on the front page of Engadget right now and look at the Nokia 2520 review and see how messed up it is. The writer goes out her way to try to find a fault in it, she even gave it negative for the keyboard(Which don’t even come in the box).

  • tester

    I always questioned Apple and Android closed door meetings. Just makes me wonder if the tech bias is part of they strategy to keep Microsoft dominance out. Guess what, it ain’t working and will fail. Microsoft is in to many sectors to fail. So give up the futile efforts, tech journalist, sorry tech bloggers.

  • catkeepr

    I have instagram on Android and have NEVER used it to take pictures. I only use it to post pictures already taken.

  • jack frost

    Well written article, this is the way I feel even when you watch or listen to these podcast, when there’s a Microsoft store they will always find a way to put a negative spin on it or have some type of sarcastic remark to make, but I know what good products are and never listen to them to get advice..

  • Thomas Eljon

    no one even mention, that we got at least 5 other instagram ago, far better and more juicy then any ios or android versions !!!

  • MajorRockStar

    As much as I agree with this article, one aspect has been forgotten…Microsoft is still the #1 software company in the world and THE target of envy. Yeah, they may be new to the phone business, but if any company can challenge the current phone royalty, it’s Microsoft…and challenge they have. But anyone who is inherently upset with MS leading position, then anything that they do will be heavily scrutinized. Also…MS isn’t a innocent lamb of a company. They have some bad karma to work through…and some holes they need to stop digging. (Can we stop paying for scroogle ads and see some more WP ads?) Lastly, stop sucking up to the American tech press, they are iPhone fans. You will never get a fair trial with them. Support those that support you, and send press releases to the rest. LOL.

  • Loris Most of the time I must admit that this article is true but sometimes people can be surprising like this review where the guy explains that he will switch from his IPad mini to a windows 8 8 inches tablet when a better screen and more apps for 8 inches devices are available. I mean I’ve seen worse especially from the Verge… I still don’t understand why Microsoft is not seem as a cool company. Their redesign is so cool I mean their logos are amazing and BING IS SO MUCH PRETTIER THAN GOOGLE damn nobody gives a fuck about how bad gogle looks but I do especially since Bing brings the reward and the same quality of search so why am I gonna say no ! anyway I hope this will change and I have the impression it is starting to. (very little but still there)

  • scotthumble

    Remove yourself from this day and age and you will find that the media has never been particularly kind to Microsoft. In some ways, they deserve it but in other ways, it’s nothing more than click-bait. Is there a bias? Probably but I don’t think it is as bad as it would seem. It’s usually a matter of perspective. As a supporter for the platform, you are drawn to articles and commentary that is focused on it. For example, when you get a new car, you will notice every other car of the same marque and model for months or even years. With that said, there is what the media says and what they don’t intend to say. By claiming that Microsoft isn’t relevant, they are actually broadcasting the inverse. As they say, no news is bad news. That would actually be the worst case scenario. Ask Blackberry supporters how they feel right now. When you’re not even good enough for click-bait, you have a problem. For those in the media who ACTIVELY campaign against Microsoft, they are inadvertently helping the platform. For those who passively criticize Microsoft, more power to them. Microsoft has always built the best products under duress. Even the perception of duress is a good thing. When Microsoft decided to get into authentication and directory services, Novell supporters and IT management focused periodicals couldn’t say enough about how they didn’t stand a chance. When they released the Xbox, many questioned their sanity. If Microsoft was an individual, they would be classified as insane and that is exactly how they like it. Competing against the establishment is only something that Microsoft would be crazy enough to do over and over and over again. Even more, they are very successful at it. At times, it seems as though the only prerequisite for whether they SHOULD compete is whether the market EXISTS. It can be maddening and exciting at times. Just remember, when you see a criticism of Microsoft (accurate or otherwise), they are proclaiming to the world that Microsoft matters and if it keeps Redmond on their toes, all the better. Have you ever noticed how they refer to Apple as being the company in Cupertino but when they talk about Microsoft, the simply refer to them as Redmond? If you’ve never been to Microsoft’s “headquarters”, it’s worth the trip. It’s really more like Microsoft City. If they were in the valley, they would occupy 25% of it.

  • Duk3togo

    Thank you for this article I have been saying this for a long time now. To bad people really don’t try anything for themselves anymore or think for themselves for that matter.

  • morete

    Microsoft is looked upon as the abusive narcissist male, and Apple and Google are seen as the innocent victim female. That’s just the way it is and always will be. All three corporations are equally guilty, it’s just that Microsoft historically has a bigger rap sheet. All we can do is hope that Microsoft stops (which it won’t), abandoning under-performing products (because investors don’t like the numbers) and start listening to their average non-enterprise consumer regarding product abandonment (which they won’t). So all we can do is enjoy the ride, albeit, a short one at that.

  • Ram Uppugunduri

    Most. of the bloggers took their lessons from yellow journalists don’t know how to put abcs properly. Time for them to go to preschool and learn some manners first.

  • Ram Uppugunduri
  • Sean D.

    Beautifully written, and thank you!
    This is something that I have been saying for a while now, and the main reason I stopped reading “tech articles”. Too many of these “writers” who spend their time re-re-re-regurgitating what the last idiot said offer absolutely nothing to tech what’s so ever, and can rarely write an “article” without leaving their bias (and their preferred OS) in their pocket.
    It’s old, it’s played out, and it’s exactly what’s ruining the mobile landscape today. So much misinformation, and what you called “moving the goal posts” it’s sickening. It’s to the point where things are being redefined to fit other OS’s. Terms like “ecosystem” used to represent a company’s unified OS, how different devices coincide with each other and EVERYTHING it has to offer. Which is exactly what MS started pushing in 2007 when SkyDrive was released. Now “ecosystem” means number of apps?
    It’s sad, and annoying and most of unfortunate. Anybody considering Windows products are limited to a couple sites that aren’t putting out baseless trash.

  • koenshaku

    Reading the verge and tech crunch was where you went wrong first of all lol.

  • Andre

    Sorry but it does take pictures… it uses the internal camera to do so. But it does.

    • @roxberry

      Which is the MO of the Windows Phone – why build it in your app, use the Camera apps, especially with the Nokias. I prefer the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn integration at the core of the phone than just limited to apps on iOS and Android. I think you actually have to *use* the phone to understand it and the journolisters are iOS / Android myopic.

  • Magiver

    So in a post calling out ‘fangirls’ you expose yourself as a Microsoft fangirl? Nice :)

  • Credibility. You Have None.

    Any valid point you may have had is overshadowed by the fact you felt the need to poke at these writers for reasons that have *NOTHING* to do with Microsoft. Fat Matt? Slutty/”Feminist” Natasha. Really? If there’s anyone here dragging down the level of discourse, it’s you, you utter trash hole.

  • Laslo Munich

    Well, although anti-MS media assault is frustrating….. I’ve been carrying the Nokia Lumia 920 since launch (just over a a year… as I recall). I think the OS blows Android and iOS out of the water. However, I’m switching back to iOS. Why? I’m really sick of most apps I actually want not being available; or, being available months after their initial launch. Nokia makes great phones, WP8 is the best mobile OS on the market – but sooner or later, the lack of apps hurts… badly.

  • Abraham Soto

    The ANTI-MS reviews have been around for 5 years now.. Tech Journalist seems to complain about everything MS Does. For example the IDIOT reviewer on PC WORD as example. Look this review on the LINK BELOW to view what I am taking about. He is so idiot that on the end he says that KILLING THE DESKTOP WOULD HAVE BEEN THE BEST FEATURE THAT MS COULD HAVE DO..

  • Abraham Soto
  • Abraham Soto

    They say that everything about the PS4 is superior to the Xbox..

  • fleon888

    Are you serious? Have you used the Xbox One? It’s entirely non-intuitive. I have one, as well as a Windows Phone and 3 different Windows 8 tablets.

    How do you activate Kinect? Not the same way as last gen, and there are no instructions. Try Kinect Sports preview- you can’t even select “start” using the Kinect.

    I put in Ryse and it started installing. At some point, it had an error ( no idea why) and just stopped. No error message explained why or what to do. Rebooting then reinserting the disc worked finally.
    Skype. You can’t even snap Skype? And it’s a fully owned Microsoft product. (Otherwise Skype is truly excellent on the XOne.)
    The OneGuide is a good idea, but half-baked. You can put some things in it, but there’s not enough control over whats’ there to make it really useful.
    Kinect voice works… sorta. It’s not conversational enough to not require days of “training” and the recognition isn’t any better than the previous generation. For some reason it keeps thinking I am saying “faster”.
    It’s a very intriguing console, and I want it to work… but it really doesn’t effectively. Maybe after a year of updates it’ll be ok, but we all know how lousy MS is at releasing updates rapidly to fix real problems.

    • nohone

      Apparently we have found another Sony fanboy who had to send their PS4 for repairs, and is now bored with nothing to do other than troll.

      • fleon888

        I don’t have a PS4, nor do I have any interest in getting one. In fact, I’m not really even a gamer. And would a Sony fanboi have all this other MS stuff? Or have picked the One up at a midnight launch? However- I’m not going to stick my head in the sand and say this thing is good. The fanboy? You. Forgiving just about everything even with the product doesn’t work.

        I will say that I agree with the main point of this article however. The press constantly vilifies Microsoft unfairly. The Windows Phones are, in my opinion, hands down the best on the market, as is and Skydrive. Win8 got a decent review- it wasn’t ready at release- but no one ever bothered to go back and say how excellent Win8.1 is now…

        • nohone

          You seem a little defensive about being called out. Looking through you post history, you talk about how great your Android phones are, you have not used your WP in a while, etc.
          My X1 is sitting on my front step right now, if UPS is to be believed so I have not used my personal one. But I have used an Xbox, and I didn’t find it unintuitive, in fact I found it worked great. It missed a few words here and there, but with continued use the training will improve. I have voice reco in my car, Kinect works much better, has similar voice commands, and I did not train it.
          Just because I happen to like something but you do not, it does not mean I am sticking my head in the sand. It means that you have decided that your opinion must be the opinion of everyone, and if they do not agree with you, they are the ones that are wrong.

          • fleon888

            ROFL. Please send me a link where you find me talking about how great my android phones are.
            Congratulations that the X1 works for you. It was considerably not intuitive to me, my girlfriend, or either of my friends who have used it so far.

          • nohone

            These are some of the quotes of yours in your posting history I read:
            “Most apps work on my main Android driver- the Galaxy SII.”
            “I like my Android devices”
            “Android does have a nice advantage that I can get it to do anything I want it to.”

            However, after a closer look I will say that there were quite a few comments negative to Android and positive towards WP. So I will back away from what I said about that.

            As for the X1, when I used it, it worked very well. It may have been the acoustical setup of the room I was in, my pronunciation of words, etc. but other than the occasional missed word, it worked just fine for me.

          • fleon888

            I appreciate that.
            I do hope that the X1 gets better. As far as a base for looking forward, MS’ approach is the one that fits what I want to see the closest. I will stick by saying that the X1 is simply not ready.
            In 6 months? Maybe. I hope so. Sony clearly isn’t going to be able to give me the 1 ecosystem, 3 screen vision that I really want to see work.

    • LexicoRed

      Yes it is interesting that these were the same folks that was so outraged about the previous Elop write up.

      Danger of fanboy-ism can be seen when the celebration of victimhood is valued greater then a consistency in thinking.

    • arrow2010

      1. Plug in Kinect
      2. Turn on XBox console
      3. Boot into start screen.
      4. Say “XBox Play Ryse”

  • wormywyrm

    Great article… Everyones first experience with a computer was with MS. Decades ago. It was a frustrating one. Because of the natural evolution of tech, that would have been true for any company. MS is now battling against decades old frustration and stereotypes and IMO it has pushed them to make their products absolutely amazing.

  • clay113

    Good article, I so agree with this. This carries over on comments on anything MS. Don’t get me wrong, every product has this. But there is a common thread going that it’s cool to bash MS for anything they do. I’ve seen so many posts about people bashing MS products like Surface and WP, yet they have never used either of them and admittedly so. Even a positive review on Xbox One for the Verge had snarky video commentary. What MS really has to combat, is that Apple and Google aren’t the only cool kids in the room.

  • xma1e

    the reason why apple and google must fight ms using any means necessary is once ms breaks into the Enterprise they are doomed. I’d sh*t myself too if i was them, it’s gonna happen.

  • Yardie

    dont’t panic. Being ahead of time has never been popular. Look at Galilei Galileo and his views of the planets and stars surrounding us. Same is the case with Microsoft. They are two years ahead of the public opinion and acceptance. Why is it not ok to introduce downloading games directly to your console instead of buying a hard copy? We want convenience in our lives every day. Who really cares about DRM? Only a few. It’s called evolution. They changed it because of the media bashed them. But who is behind the media? In my opinion, it’s people who just try to make a living. And it is easy to criticize innovation and evolution of things than accepting changes and new ideas. It’s a human reaction. Hate foreign and strange stuff and protect the old and know things. It stems from the same psychological effect that creates racism and protectionism of relative important values. I own a windows 8 PC, two windows phones and a xbox 360. I’m planning on getting a xbox one and windows tablet in the near future. I’m happy with the ecosystem Microsoft provides and all the free stuff Nokia phones offer me. Free navigation, Nokia mix radio (great added value for me) and office applications for free. I love all Lumias i owned. None of them broke or had any problems. I own Nokia stocks and i will have tripled my money soon then i am planning on buying Microsoft stocks because i feel that all the added value with their services will be acknowledged by the masses and there will be a rethinking of the brand Microsoft. Conclusion: too early for the masses. Apple will decline in sales over the next two years and Microsoft will rise. Android has no value to the consumer in my opinion. Google makes money by selling the collected consumer data for advertising. Gmail looks like a mess. Youtube plays advertisement before every cat video now. Where is the value for the consumer. I don’t see it. That’s all i have to say about this. Sorry for the long post.

  • DKJr

    These lousy bloggers have nothing better to do than write useless articles just for the sake of bashing MS and it’s products. No wonder some companies have been know to hire bloggers to write bad stuff about other companies or write articles that obviously try to boost there PR status, though unfairly. I had just downloaded and tried Instagram (Beta) for WP when I read these bashing articles. I was extremely surprised and wondered why bloggers mislead readers. Instead of saying that the beta required a 2-step process to take photos (unlike the Android version) they claimed the functionality wasn’t included. So lame! MS however, should expect this bad press given it’s own Scroogled campaign. You reap what you saw..

  • asherpat

    It’s nothing personal against Microsoft, it’s just that Softy stands between the Apple of the media’s eye and world domination, and Apple must be helped, you know, the underdog!

  • Tan Johnny

    This author is damm right. The tech bloggers are just copy and paste. They hear what others are saying and just modify a few words and publish. Thats why you can generally hear everyone talking about the same thing.

  • laserfloyd

    I suppose it was because Instagram was the supposed “last” of the big name apps that WP needed. Ignore the fact that we’ve had some great apps out for months now. Now that it’s official it’s like this desperation of sorts? I don’t even understand what it is they’re trying to accomplish.

    Journalism is dead not to mention getting facts is dead as well. These people are vying for hits and looking to stir up commotion where there is none.

    At any rate, MS just needs to keep pushing ahead and make the software better and better and keep the hardware standards high. People will come around and it will be much to the dismay of the tech blogosphere.