Intel Previews 4.5-watt Core Y Series Chips For Fanless Tablets(Surface Pro 2?)

Surface Pro
Intel recently previewed its upcoming energy-efficient versions of the Y-series Core processors that will consume as little as 4.5W power. These chips are expected to power fanless tablets and Intel so far has not revealed any upcoming tablet designs that will be using this chip. I expect Microsoft to refresh its Surface Pro device with this new chips for better battery performance. The 4.5W chips will have same 11.5W thermal design power rating as their 6W counter parts.

There are obvious implications for the next-generation of Microsoft’s Surface Pro. It’s unclear whether Microsoft will wait until Broadwell to reduce the thickness of Surface Pro, or if it’ll go with a Y-series Haswell ULX part this year and release something that’s much thinner immediately. The challenges Microsoft would face there are similar to those Apple faced with the 2013 MacBook Air, namely Microsoft would have to be accepting of a CPU performance regression but a significant improvement in battery life (and form factor). Broadwell should deliver (some of) the best of both worlds, but that’s another year/generation of waiting for Microsoft.

Source: Anandtech

  • arrow2010

    Microsoft should go for thin & light.

    • Yuan Taizong

      Some people might like that, but there are plenty that actually love heavier and thicker devices, but I must admit that the vast majority of the people agree with you, this is why small, thick Windows Phones aren’t selling (despite the fact that they’re larger and thinner than the iPhone), which proves that popularity has little to-do with productivity.

      • Alf Lenni Erlandsen

        Surface Pro is not thick… its on the heavier side… but not thick…. I like the fact that you can club someone with it. :) really!

  • Tirinti

    I think MS should release more version of Surface 2

    Surface 2 RT with Windows 8.1 RT and Snapdragon
    Surface 2 with Windows 8.1 and Atom
    Surface 2 Pro with Windows 8.1 Pro and i5 4350U
    Surface 2 Pro Light with Windows 8.1 Pro and i5 Y

    I would buy Atom based with non Pro Windows 8. For professional use I prefer 15″ ultrabook with touchscreen.

  • NegLewis

    1. Thin and lite.
    But Durable and Useful it’s a 1′.

    Make a tablet lite and thin enough that can be used in the direct sun’s light and heat (45 degrees Celsius – like in the Taxi on the board).

    Let me use the tablet outside.

    Make it last 20 hours.

  • bchau

    I hope the next version of MS Surface Pro will run full day on battery and has a larger 12.5 inches screen.

    • surilamin

      I think you’ll be disappointed on both ends. Trend is going smaller, 8 inches or staying at 10.1. Also, best expectations are doubling current battery life, so going to 10 hours instead of 5.

      • Rico Alexander

        Apple is working on a larger iPad.

    • V1ado

      13.3 with the smartframe tech intel showed with their North Cape reference… that would be perfect.

  • FateStayNight

    a Thin and Light 15″ would be my dream windows 8 tablet.