Intel Based Windows 8 Tablets To Be Made Available For Sale In November

According to the sources close to CNET, Windows 8 OEMs are on target in delivering their devices in November. As Microsoft is already on schedule to release the “Release Preview” aka RC version of Windows 8 in June, Windows 8 OEMs like HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, etc, will be more comfortable in delivering their Intel based tablets, hybrids, convertibles, etc,. in November for sale without fail.

Read more on it at CNET

  • Anonymous

    I think that more people will be interested in  a windows 8 tablet rather than a windows RT tablet as I believe that most want the same capability as a regular PC with all of their usual software but just packaged in a smaller footprint  The RT option seems to reveal the novelty factor of the IPad, it seems more like a big smartphone than a small PC which I think will be the biggest interest to those in the business world.  Right now, everyone is trying to make the IPad a do it all but the intrinsic software limitations of its OS makes it just like the Mac of the 80s, excellent in its niche but not useful for the mainstream business world of existing PC software programs.  Once intel figures out how to match the footprint of an IPad, I think that RT will be relagated to its special function niche instead of a real do it all PC.

    • Anonymous

       Exactamundo! Once Intel (Or AMD!) get the requisite balance of Power And Battery Life then Win8 will ROCK!!

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