Intel CEO: Windows 8 Is One Of The Best Things That’s Ever Happened To Us

In Credit Suisse technology conference 2011 Intel CEO Paul  Otellini gave a statement that will make Redmondians more happy. He said, ” I think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to our Company.”. Paul is confident that Intel’s unique advantage over ARM based Windows 8 machines on running legacy applications will drive Intel forward. He also said that Windows 8 will take tablet computing to the mainstream and also allows IT admins of enterprises to manage tablet devices of their employees.

Here is the full statement from him,

We are very excited about Windows 8. I think it’s one of the best things that’s ever happened to our Company. And it’s a very good operating system, not just for PCs, but we think also will allow tablets to really get a legitimacy into mainstream computing, particularly in enterprises that they don’t have today. A lot of the enterprise managers are worried about security, they’re worried about the difficulty affording their legacy applications over to an Android tablet or to an iPad.

What Microsoft is doing is making that seamless for them. And they have a new experience, which they call Metro, that’s the interface up there. But for Intel-based machines, there is also one button that basically takes you back to your classic Windows experience and that’s a software button essentially.

So you’re just running one manifestation of the operating system with two different GUIs, if you will, it’s not running on virtual machines, it’s one manifestation. So this gives us, x86, in particular, I think a unique advantage as Windows 8 comes to market, because we can take advantage of all the legacy that was ever written, and all of the fact that all the drivers for the mice and for printers and every other USB device in the world. For example, getting photos off your camera and onto a tablet.

Try that if you don’t have a driver, doesn’t work. On the other hand, if that tablet is running [an extension] of Windows, it’s going to work just like it works with the PC today. So there is a huge advantage built in that we think we have as the Windows 8 products start launching.

He also commented about competition from ARM processors and Intel on smartphones which you can read at the source link.

Source: ZDNet 

  • Martyn Metalous

    Basically expressing what everyone else is thinking

  • Dustin Schultz

    Certainly Windows 8 is great, but Intel really needs to step up their game.  Their recent miserable failures with Light Peak and solid state storage controllers does not make me happy.  Even next year, Cougar Point chipsets will only support 4 USB 3.0 ports.  This is getting ridiculous, Intel is going the Sony route, proprietary everything, and it is not paying off.

  • Anonymous

    Goo goooooo Micro. W8 tablet PC’s will kill Androids based tablets in the consumer market and dominate both the consumer and the enterprise tablet (PC) market once and for all. Apple tablet market share will become marginal and be a niche product. With Microsoft developing office products for Apple tablets, even there Microsoft will reign supreme and by it’s grace keep Apple alive. Yes Apple will in the future only excist by the grace of Microsoft for comeptitive reasons. Google is doomed without a strong PC base to support other products like mobile phones, tablets, gameconsoles, infotainment etc. Consumerization and integration of windows devices across devices (of rivals also), that’s the strength of Microsoft.    

  • Impartial

    Very interesting the fact that there will be a kill metro UI button! This is good for dektops etc

    • Robert Potter

      He’s just talking about the desktop button, which is already there in the Developer Preview.

      • Impartial

        You mean the Start button? I know that already launches the desktop but why would be say that is only available for X86, perhaps there is a more hardcore button that actually turns off the whole metro thing? Personally I would like the latter, for work I really need a taskbar permanently functioning.

        • Anonymous

          I’m going to venture a guess that there won’t be the traditional desktop option on tablet form factors.  I could be wrong.  I would really bet this will be imposed by MS because they want the tablet experience to be the same between arm/x86.  Arm won’t support legacy apps, so probably no traditional desktop with them.

          • Impartial

            You might be right, it is pretty extreme solution but Ballmer did say that windows 8 was their most extreme decision ever…

  • Ryssfemma

    Better than when Bill Gates disbanded IBM to use Intel?