Intel Discusses Next Gen Atom Processors That Will Power Windows 8 Tablets This Holiday Season

Intel’s annual conference Intel Developer Forum (IDF) gave some sneak peek into the future Atom processors codenamed “Bay Trail” that will power the Windows 8.1 tablets. It is expected to be released during this holiday season. The anticipated Bay Trail which  is based on microarchitecture will almost double the computing capacity of already powerful Atom processor.


Tan Weng Kuan, VP and GM of Mobile Communications Group, Intel China, reported that Bay Trail will have 4 Atom processors which harnesses some of the power of Intel HD 4000 graphics and boasts an out of order design as current Core processors.

Bay Trail and Avoton server chip are the first major redesign of Atom microarchitecture after its inception in 2008. It will allow designs as thin as 8mm (0.3 inches) which can have an all-day battery life and power the tablet for almost a week in stand-by mode.

On the tablet side, this advancement will have a great impact. Major manufacturers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer.., will likely add the Bay Trail with their latest tablet editions.

Source : cnet

  • Me

    Sorry current Atom offering is powerful according to your first paragraph last line? Compared to what?

    AMD low power chips based on Temash and/or Hondo match it and exceed it in processing power and annihilate it in the graphics department to comparative Intel Atom procs. I look forward to the next batch of Atom processor if they can double the processing power and significantly increase graphics capabilities, but calling the current offering powerful is a stretch. I look forward to the 2nd Gen of Surface RT and Surface Pro, especially the more powerful and better battery life of the new devices when they replace the procs with these.

    • Willem Evenhuis

      I agree on the second gen part. Makes it really hard to wait another 6 months;)

  • TheHumanOracle

    Currently using a Vivo Smart Tab windows 8 tablet (Atom) which works suprisingly well. Use full Office etc and get a full day usage. Kinda makes RT irrelevant.
    This next Gen of Intel processors will make these even better!

  • AdyMarty

    I hope they make more of these and junk the RT