Intel Releases 2013 Holiday Buying Guide, It Includes No.of Amazing Windows Tablets, 2-in1s And More

Intel Holiday Buying Guide

Intel yesterday posted 2013 Intel Holiday Buying Guide for consumers. With the release of 4th generation Intel Core processors, there are lots of cool 2-in1s, convertibles, Ultrabooks in the market. All the PCs and tablets deliver a 50 percent improvement in battery life as well.

Thanks to Intel, your personal compute devices just got sweeter this holiday season. Now there are computing devices with Intel Inside® to match every appetite and pocket book – from traditional laptops to tablets to 2 in 1 devices to portable All-in-Ones. There’s a lot to choose from (and salivate over) this holiday season. Take a look inside the 2013 Intel Holiday Gift Guide to see the latest tech eye candy.

The buying guide has 10 Windows devices which are listed below.

2in1s and convertibles:


Portable All in Ones:

Download the 2013 Intel Holiday Buying Guide here.

  • Bugbog

    Looks like Toshiba’s 8″ mini-tab won’t be making the holiday season.

    One would think that they are producing some sort of never before seen device, they way it’s taking them so long to ship. They’ve had over a year!

  • drvdrv

    I thought there were going to be Haswell-based machines in this timeframe.