Intel Showcases Some Upcoming Windows 8 Touch Screen Ultrabooks

Last week in Beijing, Intel Developer Forum 2012 took place. Intel showcased some of the Windows 8 based Touch Screen Ultrabooks that will be available later this year. You can have a glimpse of some types of mobile PC form factors showcased at IDF in the video below. There are also reports that Microsoft is pushing more touch screens in Ultrabooks and also involved the design process of those PCs. Anyway, we can expect such devices in sale in October.

via: Ubergizmo

  • Ken Stone

    Could. He. Talk. Any. Slower.

  • Guest

    I…Don’t…Think…So.  :))

  • The Muffin Man

    He’s talking slow so the Chinese can understand him. You are aware that English is not theirs — and I’m assuming not your — first language? Now, don’t you feel stupid? Yeah, I knew you would.

    • Anonymous

      True- Its actually difficult to talk like that for a length of time and not forget and burst back into rapid speech. It’s a technique that many of us language teachers fail our courses on, called “language grading” being able to choose, use and sustain the correct speed and wording for each level of learner, and I assume here that this being a clearly mixed level group of people, though probably all speak English to some degree since they would need to learn it to “big dogs” in Chinese businesss, he knows to cater to the lowest level as all above will be able to understand and follow him. They have probably never heard a real native speak before, learning simple English from Chinese people with textbooks, your full speed speech, assuming you have a southern UK accent, to a foreigner would sound like “Sowah dya wannaseenex, a nultrabuk orasmar’ fone? Ifing kyoowannasee the ultrabook, right?” Speaking slowly and deliberately like that makes it clear for them, as English is one of the few languages where pronunciation is different in speech compared to solitary words, and they would learn how to say and understand solitary words.

      On topic – the tech looks amazing.

  • Johan Nilsson

    Just release those Lenovo Ultrabooks already! I want!

  • David Scanlan

    The device at 1:10. Yes, please.

  • Anonymous

    Tim Cooke is having a lot of sleepless nights right now…

  • ifham

    This guy is Sean Maloney, Intel’s VP. He is speaking slow because couple of years back he had a stroke and as a result one side of his brain does not function properly. He has trained the other side of his brain so that he can atleast speak slowly. Check his inspiring video.