Intel Shows Off Docking Station With Fan To Boost Performance Of Fanless Intel Core M Devices

At COMPUTEX, Intel revealed more information about their next gen Core product called Intel® Core™ M processor. It will be the first 14-nanometer chip from Intel. To demonstrate it, Intel revealed the world’s first 14nm fanless mobile PC reference design from Intel is a 12.5 inch screen that is 7.2mm thin with keyboard detached and weighs 670 grams. The majority of designs based on this new chip are expected to be fanless and deliver both a lightning-fast tablet and a razor-thin laptop. But if you want to extract more performance out of these chips, you need to cool down the fanless devices. For this, Intel have come with a new kind of dock that will have fans to cool down the outer surface of the devices. The docking station is designed to have set of fans to add some airflow to allow for greater performance while using such a system at your desk.

CNET during their demonstration found that these docks making very little noise and the airflow was hard to notice. Intel claims that running a Core M system with the dock would boost performance by around 30 percent. If such docking stations come to market, users will have a great portable device that can give great performance at desk.

What do you think of this concept?

  • efjay

    Makes me think the SP4 will be amazing!

    • JohnCz

      Not sure these M chips are as powerful as the U series found in Surface Pro 3.

  • Tirinti

    They should implement watercooling block in the tablet and inlet and outlet. After attaching pump and radiator performance should double and by using liquid nitrogen instead of water it could be even higher.

    • Jim Cherry

      I hope that’s sarcasm cause baytrail parts can only go so high

  • RoadOfMajor

    So this is Intel delivering on its promise of “fanless” computers? If so, it is not that great and no one was really expecting it. They simply throttled the CPU by 30% so it doesn’t heat up too much without a fan, and it will return to normal speed and regain that 30% power once you attach a fan to it.

    They could do the same to make Haswell so-called “fanless” too.

  • Joe_HTH

    So is this chip much slower than the Haswell chips in the SP3? From what I’ve come across, these cheaps are a bit more powerful than the BayTrail chips, and not at all as fast as the chips in the SP3. Maybe I misread.

    • symbolset

      Surface Pro 3 has not even shipped yet. It is funny how fast some people expect a Microsoft product to become the reference platform.

  • jarekt

    AMD showed concepts based exactly on the same idea almost year ago…