Intel Showcases Touchscreen Ultrabooks Running Windows 8

Today at CES, Intel showcased the advantage of the new bunch of laptops called Ultrabooks and demoed new Ultrabooks that are coming soon with touchscreen in it. Those Ultrabooks will be running Windows 8 which is touch optimized OS that will create greater experience in computing. Intel also demoed variety of new form factors of Ultrabooks as seen above that will run Windows 8 . Also technologies such as NFC in partnership with Mastercard and Speech recognition in partnership with Nuance are coming to many Ultrabooks.

Source and More at The Verge.

  • rsgx

    That bottom image looks like pure sex in the form of technology.

    How useful it will be though, it yet to be decided.

  • Anonymous

    These Ultabooks look like the real deal as far businesses and schools are concerned. Hopefully they will rock the world with Windows 8!

  • Jeff

    I suggest everyone go try the Developer Preview of Windows 8. If you’re a serious PC user, you will hate what Microsoft is trying to do with Metro.