Internet Explorer 10 Market Share Increases To 2.93% In March

Internet Explorer 10 March Market shareAccording to the recent report from Net Applications,  Internet Explorer had 55.83% of the overall web browser market in March. Within Internet Explorer versions, IE10 had 2.93% market share worldwide compared to 1.57% in February. Internet Explorer 8 still remains the most used browser worldwide with 23.23% down from its market share of 23.38% in February. Internet Explorer 9 came 2nd with 20.62% of the web browser market share down from its marker share of 21.67 percent in February.

With more Windows 8 adoption and new marketing activities around IE10, I guess Internet Explorer may gain more market share.

Source: NetApplications

  • Mark Matheson

    They had better brace for another suing from the European Commission then!

  • Mythos88

    I’ve tried it twice on my Win 7 desktop and both times I had to roll back to 9 because of unresolvable errors in Visual Studio’s debug mode.

  • disqustingtard

    Fuck Chrome.