Internet Explorer 11 Continues To Gain Web Browser Market Share

Web Browser Marker Share August

Net Applications today released their latest worldwide browser market share stats for the month of August. Internet Explorer market share is now at 58.24%. Among the Internet Explorer versions, IE11 showed a modest growth by increasing to 17.45% from 16.78%. Internet Explorer 8 remains the most popular browser in the market with about 21.4% market share. Developer’s nightmare IE6 is continuing to lose market share and expect the number to go down in the coming months as Microsoft has ended the support for Windows XP in which it was the default browser.

Among other browsers, Google Chrome gained little to grab 19.98% of the browser market while Firefox lost few percentage to now hold 15.16% of the market.

  • bibleverse1

    I stopped using IE around 7 or 8 for Firefox and then stopped using Firefox in favor of Chrome because it was faster. I would say now IE 10 and 11 are as fast as Chrome and much better than Firefox.

    • John

      Then stop using Chrome (spying browser) and start using Internet Explorer 11. :)

      • Luke Murphy

        Yea, Chrome is terrible. After I learned how Google operates as a company, I will never use a google product ever!