Internet Explorer 11 Continues To Grow In Worldwide Browser Market Share, Now Holds 15.71% Of The Market

IE marketshare march 2014

Net Applications today released their latest data on worldwide web browser market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser lost 0.23 percentage points (from 58.19 percent to 57.96) market share worldwide. In January, Internet Explorer 11 passed Internet Explorer 10 to become the second most used IE version. In March, IE11 continued to show its strong growth with an additional 2.91%, up from 12.80 percent to 15.71 percent. Internet Explorer 8, which is the default browser in Windows 7 now holds about 21.14% of market share.

Starting with IE9, Internet Explorer team at Microsoft is delivering solid releases with significant improvements in speed, reliability and more which has resulted in improved customer usage. I expect IE to gain more market share in the coming weeks. Google Chrome had over 17.52% and Firefox over 17.26% web browser market share in February.

via: TNW

  • jimski27

    Most likely, everyone still sporting XP will be, or have already, switched over to Chrome or Mozilla. Its the safest thing to do for now. I know that’s what I’ll be doing to our remaining XP machines (at the office, not my choice). Until XP gets buried once and for all, IE may take a small hit on the numbers.

  • Bugbog

    Amazing how IE11 usage has almost caught up with the percentage of FireFox/Chrome users!? (And this despite users in the EU not having it as the default, ‘i.e.’ having a pop-up choice for all browsers available on start-up.

  • Im-not-ur-alpha-tester

    IE 11 is unstable buggy crashing garbage filth.