Internet Explorer 11 Shows Strong Growth In Worldwide Browser Market Share, Now Holds 12.8% Of The Market

Internet Explorer market share

NetApplications released their latest data on worldwide web browser market share. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer web browser lost 0.02 percentage points (from 58.21 percent to 58.19 percent) market share worldwide. IN January, Internet Explorer 11 passed Internet Explorer 10 to become the second most used IE version. In Feb, IE11 continued to show its strong growth with an additional 1.29%, up from 11.51% to 12.80%. Internet Explorer 8, which is the default browser in Windows 7 now holds about 21.73% of market share.

Starting with IE9, Internet Explorer team at Microsoft is delivering solid releases with significant improvements in speed, reliability and more which has resulted in improved customer usage. I expect IE to gain more market share in the coming weeks. Google Chrome had over 16% and Firefox over 17% web browser market share in February.

via: TNW

  • NGM123

    Used Firefox for years but after buying a Surface I loooove IE11, superb touch UI browser.

    • Hexagon

      Any way it could improve? The desktop UI is a little…lackluster, but anything else?

      • Tips_y

        Actually yes, there’s something else… I’d like you to know that I’ve already uninstalled Chrome although I still have my Firefox, after downloading IE11 last December. I’m now using desktop IE11 95% of the time and enjoying the great browser experience using it.

  • WindowsSeat

    And yet 25% of the business websites we use must be ran in compatibility mode.

    • jimski27


  • John

    Loved IE 10 and even love more IE 11. IE 11 just rock and my main and only browser at home and work.
    IE team did really great job with IE in recent years and I can’t wait for even faster IE 12 😉

  • tomakali

    IE has NO APPZ…
    I love MS still… i cant get rid of Chrome just because of the apps and plugins…
    Seriously, i need apps, plugins, extensions in IE…
    not what it has now…

    • Kai

      seriously? what was the last version of IE you’ve used?

      • tomakali

        This Version…

        • NGM123

          Do you mean add on’s? Cause your browser is the gateway to all most every app on the planet!

          • tomakali

            is all i need…