Internet Explorer 11 Usage Triples In A Month, Thanks To Auto-update For IE10 Users

December IE Marketshare

According to the latest numbers from Net Applications, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer IE11 tripled its market share from last month. IE11 grew 7.15 percentage points, up from 3.27 percent to 10.42 percent. This sudden growth is due to the automatic update process for IE10 users. IE10 is down 6.45 percentage points to 11.05 percent.

Overall, Internet Explorer lost 0.45% (from 58.36 percent to 57.91 percent) while Google Chrome gained 0.78% (from 15.44 percent to 16.22 percent). It should be interesting to see the January numbers as it will represent the whole holiday sales numbers of Windows PCs which should show some growth for IE and Chromebook sales for Chrome browser.

Source: Net Applications via: TNW

  • Bugbog

    You’d be forgiven for thinking IE was dead (or less than 20%) given the manner in which ‘Chrome’ is bandied about all the time, with everyone and their grandmothers using Chrome and no one using IE!

    So I’m always surprised to find IE holding steady at close to 60% and Chrome ‘languishing’ at under 18%. And this despite the ‘close to a decade’ EU requirement for enabling a “browser choice” option publicising the known and, frankly, unknown choices!

    • Tips_y


    • Chathuranga Basnayake

      can you tell me what are security features give you from chrome browser than IE. nothing… ahh sorry it gives you malware, ad ware etc. i know chrome have some features than IE. but not better than IE. cuz MS not sell ads using your personal information. but google did.

      • Abion47

        You really think that Microsoft doesn’t use your personal information to make a quick buck? They must have really nailed you with that whole bogus “Scroogled” campaign. Just take a look around and you will see that Microsoft does a lot of the same stuff as Google does with personal info. They are just not as up front with their customers about it.

    • NGM123

      I’m a huge FF fan, love the customisation, and I’ve always hated IE ever since the took the sword to Netscape, but I gotta say, I’m loving IE 11 on my Surface, it’s just so fresh and revolutionary by comparison.

      • Bugbog

        Yep. IE is great on Windows 8.1!

  • Bruce

    Even all of this isn’t enough to compel Microsoft and/or Adobe to fix the Flash Player + IE11 hanging issue on Windows 7. Or even facebook’s missing video chat affecting Windows 8.1 users (although this one is affecting all browsers)

    • J88NYr

      I had that hanging issue in Windows 8 too… But I reinstalled my OS and its been fine since, no idea what caused it.

    • Bugbog

      I’m running Flash (in a Window) 24/7 and IE is super-stable, no hangs, no crashes!

      • Bruce

        IE11+Flash Player on Windows 7?

        • Bugbog


    • Eric

      The Facebook video chat thing isn’t microsofts fault – Facebook tries to do agent sniffing and fails with IE11. If you go to the development console(F12) and choose to spoof your agent, the icon appears and works great.

      • Bruce

        Well the facebook video thingy is powered by Skype, so I imagine there’s something going on behind the scenes. I don’t think Facebook would ignore Windows 8.1 users like that. I mean, they even have a metro app exclusively for 8.1 users.

  • V.A.N.

    Given that Internet Explorer only comes with the world’s most often-used Operating System 57.91% is utterly HORRIBLE. That’s because 42% of browser user population has rejected it. The way I.E. killed Netscape, Chrome+Firefox+Safari is killing I.E. However, instead of price being the issue, it’s usability and quality.

    • whatup12

      right–so 90% of the market uses windows and of that 60% use IE. how many apple users only use safari vs chrome, IE, firefox? is it much higher than 57,91%? I don’t know the answer…do you?

    • neva

      Safari? LOL
      Safari is one of the WORST browser avaliable. There is nothing Safari does better than Chromium, Firefox or IE. It’s not even better looking. Only Apple fanboys use it!
      If you say Chrome has more usability than IE, it does (more features like Apps and Addons) but not quality since it’s basicly Spyware from Google. Firefox also has more usability than IE (again features like Addons and Themes) but, for my experience it crashes some times while IE (latest versions) never crashed in my computer.
      Right now, I’m using one of the “Others”: SRWare Iron. Basicly Chrome without the spyware. But if I just need speed and don’t need Addblock and other extensions, IE11 is the best.

      • Bugbog

        I use both IE and FF, and FF is basically unuseable if you are going to be running flash constantly! It crashes too often and every few hours one always gets update pop-ups, which you don’t necessarily want to do since they break compatibility with add-on apps (of which some won’t work properly, and others would need to be re-installed!). Even with flash removed FF will only run a few days (2 – 5) before slowing down and crashing again!

        The only reason I continue to use it is force of habit, the customised tabs (arranged vertically) and the use of ‘NoScript’ ad/script blocker, which gives one granular control over what runs in your browser. (I’ve been told/pointed to where this is possible in IE but I’ve been too lazy to enable it; Inertia, what ya gonna do! :( )

        IE just keeps getting better, and is now Super stable. Chrome I won’t even touch with a twenty-foot pole and someone else’s arm holding it! 😀

      • chaiguy

        Believe it or not, Chrome is actually based on Safari (or more accurately, Safari is Apple’s front-end to WebKit, upon which Chrome is based). And Apple has been the biggest developer and contributer to the open-source WebKit project. So in short, Chrome simply couldn’t exist without Safari.

  • Nathan Askew

    These figures are skewed. IE has nowhere near this market share in the real world

    • Abion47

      No, this is probably pretty accurate. The reason that IE has such an overwhelming majority of browser use is that it’s the default browser that comes with the most used personal computer OS in the world, and there’s a huge range of their user base that just doesn’t know there are other options available. They may hear about Chrome or Firefox from time to time, but they don’t know what they are missing, so they don’t care enough to change. It’s like trying to explain to the Amish the wonders of nuclear fusion.

      • Bugbog

        No longer true, and not for years. Yes, IE may be pre-installed but the moment you attempt to use the browser on any new system, up will pop the ‘browser choice’ giving you a list of browsers (of the most popular, and some unknowns) asking you to choose which you wish to use. I even had the option show up on my Dell Venue 8 pro before I could use IE11!
        So no, people have a wide range of choice, but they are still, for the most part, choosing IE.

        • Abion47

          Even if computers are more responsible with giving their users a broad choice of browsers, the damage has been done. The vast numbers of people that are already used to IE have little intention of ever changing. Those people are slowly becoming taught of their choices, but its a slow process.

          Also, I have never seen that option pop up on any new system I have bought ever.

  • Suman Suri

    IE 11 not stable at all. It can not play videos in yahoo and other websites, The tab crashes all the time. go to Huff post. it always crashes.

    • NGM123

      Ya who?