Internet Explorer 9 Leads Worldwide Modern Browser Marketshare

The growth of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 continues worldwide on Windows 7. IE9 usage share on Windows 7 worldwide is now higher than all versions of Chrome and all versions of Firefox – second only to IE8. Even in US, the growth of IE9 is great. This is a great news for web developers who can develop more standard supported rich web applications.

You can download IE9 at

via: Windows Team Blog


  • Chayron Martis

    Ie9 ftw!

  • Anonymous

    Does it matter which browser has the largest market share? It doens’t matter one bit. Software companies are not like football teams. The only reason these number are good for Microsoft fanboys is the cementing of a three browser status quo. I hate to see one OS, or one browser, or one phone manufacturer dominate the entire business. IE was sliding hard, but that seems tot stop, that’s the news. ;)) No offence mates.

    • rsgx

      I agree here.

      • Vasp

        I’m just happy it’s finding success replacing the older IEs.

  • Martyn Metalous

    Whilst I am a big MS fanboi, having competition keeps MS keen and welcome it.

  • Jonas Jakat

    One Browser to rule them all, One Browser to find them,One Browser to bring them all and in the darkness bind them…