Internet Explorer 9 Market Share Raises To 20.11% While Google Chrome Lost

According to latest data form Net Applications, Internet Explorer gained 0.50 percentage points between September and October while Firefox lost 0.09 % and Google Chrome lost 0.31% and  Apple Safari lost 0.05%. Internet Explorer 9 for the first time reached 20% market share. All version of IE together held a 54.13% market share and I guess this number will further go up with the release of Internet Explorer 10 in the coming months.

What browser are you using everyday?

Source: Net Applications via: TNW

  • windows8fan

    I use only IE. to me its the most secure browser and use it for all my banking needs and all other browing stuff..
    IE and only IE..

  • Rick Villafuerte Gonzales

    Chrome is better! IE need sync

    • Emi Cyberschreiber

      sync in what?….. IE10 with Windows 8 already bring that.synching passwords, favorites and history…

  • hello

    Opera, because I use mouse gestures and Operas Speed Dial is great

    • Art

      I like Opera too but Opera is laggy on heavy sites though.

  • Baz

    Chrome for personnel use and IE for business

  • panagiώtis

    agree. and now with ie10 ohh my that new version makes chrome look old

  • Felix il Gattaccio

    new IE10 for Windows 8 is great! Do not need any other browser.

  • nine

    windows 8 ie10 is so fast.ive been using Firefox but now I’m back to is.loved it!:-)

  • Mark Matheson

    Win7 IE9, works almost always – I have FF for the rare occasion something doesn’t work but most of the time FF doesn’t work either and it comes down to a site or broadband issue.

  • Todor Tsvetkov

    I’m using IE9 at work, and IE10 at home… Never needed to open Chrome or any other browser 😉

  • Frostie

    IE10 (and 9) all day every day.
    Sometimes I use Maxthon for the things that IE can’t do.

  • Bugbog

    IE9, 10 and Firefox (with No Script)

    • Frostie

      You can disable script in IE just from the Internet Options menu.
      Or just use a tracking protection list. (which you can import from other browsers).

      • Bugbog

        Didn’t know that. But I get the feeling that the option wouldn’t be granular. With No Script I can adjust the level of accessibility of each an every site I visit, issuing temporary permissions on the fly.

  • jake

    opera, internet explorer, firefox and chrome, I use em all at different times! right now on chrome with some ie tabs minimized.

  • NegLewis

    Firefox and flash are no friends after v13. At least on my PC.

    Chrome – the same – and has no real “mouse gestures” especially because of those horrible-horrible non supported pages (settings – new tabs).
    Maybe there are other ad’ons there…

    Strange!!! but for those-heavy-html pages I use … IE.
    For gestures I use FF and Chrome… only for not having to share “cookies” with others.

  • Lewis McCrary

    I use IE9/FF at work and IE10 by itself at home with a rare chance of FF. Chrome is messed up for me. I can’t get to certain Google services and it’s not just me, it’s several co-workers. Eh, could be related to some kind of internal network setting but still annoying as hell. IE has come a long way and is really nice.

  • seezar

    I stopped using google chrome since few months
    I’ll never look back
    I use opera and ie

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    My usage is: Chrome, followed by IE. Firefox? hardly used ever. Safari? the only time I use it when there is a mac and there is nothing else on in it except safari.

    Opera? Tried it like it, but didn’t like it.

    If Microsoft could get rid of the STUPID “fragmentation” of IE, I probably will use it more. What is up with not allowing the older OSes to run the newest IE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • darthtigris

    I use all 3, but most IE9 and Chrome. Does that make me a bad person … ?