Internet Explorer Continues To Grow Its Marketshare Against Google Chrome And Others

IE October Marketshare

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is continuing its trend to gain market share against Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and others. According to the latest data from Net Applications, Internet Explorer now holds 58.22% of the worldwide browser market share.

From September to October, Internet Explorer gained 0.42% (from 57.80% to 58.22%), Mozilla Firefox gained 0.10% (from 18.60% to 18.70%), and Google Chrome lost 0.54% (from 15.96% to 15.42 %). While IE’s 58.22% is this year’s high, Google Chrome has hit a 27-month low of  15.42%.

With the release of Windows 8.1, Internet Explorer 11 gained 1.49% of the market share on its first month.

Source: NetApplications via: TNW

  • Jim_Being

    Is this use or just having it installed?

    • juwagn

      Use. They only can measure it, if you use it.

  • olivermills

    I don’t believe the IE11 figure. How can it have 1.5% of the worldwide browser share? That’s just ridiculous. Windows 8 had only about 10% before 8.1 came out, so realistically have 15% of people upgraded and used IE11 as their main browser? I doubt it…

    • kid92x

      I was going to state the same thing, those are rather impressive numbers. But then I remembered that 8.1 has been running on Beta for some time now, and I know ALOT of friends/devs/enthusiasts that ran 8.1
      Still, it is impressive to have such a high jump when compared to how small the other browsers jump every month. (and I always thought firefox was super popular)
      That’s greats though, IE11 is an awesome browser, finally putting all of us Windows users on a smooth scrolling experience that Macs with Safari have had forever now lol

      • V1ado

        IE11 works well .. especially on touch

      • Oliver

        It’s a good point that it’s generally enthusiasts and particularly MS enthusiasts that would upgrade to 8.1, so the chances of them using IE11 are greater. I still think it’s a much higher number than I would have thought, given the apparent disinterest from everyone I know to try new things like this. Good to see me getting a bit of dislikes though!

        By the way, IE should update versions automatically, like Chrome and Firefox, and compatibility mode should have options for each past browser, so programmes that rely on old ones will still work. It’s ridiculous that you have to manually download the latest version of IE.

  • peterpulmonary

    Only reason to use chrome is your work place is stuck on Windows xp and cannot run ie9,10,11.
    That is why chrome is doomed.
    On windows 8 new PCs people see that IE and bing are great, therefore Google is threatened. So easy to switch.

    • donzebe

      I see mostly Windows XP users using Google Chrome.

  • Bugbog

    The way it’s told in the media, IE is practically dead, and only people in China (stuck on IE6) still use it. Chrome is the winner/leader/bread-eater, and is the only thing out there!

    Heck Safari has greater share than IE, to here them tell it!

    • DarkStar


  • Rikkirik

    IE dead??? EI is the global champion and leader, Chrome is the big LOSER. Time and time again every internet security firm, FBI and government agency have undeniably confirmed that IE is also the most secure browser ever. Chrome, Firefox and Safari are as leak as a strainer. Enuff said.

  • Aaron Abraham

    Sad that not many dont use Opera.It used to be such a good browser that can be used by everybody from a layman to a tech geek.Now that it uses cromium and not its own presto layout engine I dont know how it is.I still stubbornly hold onto my Opera 12 (last one to use Presto),it has features more than the latest one.

  • tomakali

    IE need apps, extensions etc to sustain its dominance…

  • Reality