Internet Explorer Head Dean Hachamovitch Moving To New Team At Microsoft

Dean Hachamovtich Microsoft IE


Dean Hachamovitch, Corporate Vice President, Internet Explorer at Microsoft today announced that he moving to work on different project within Microsoft. He was there in the IE team for almost 9 years. He assured that Microsoft with its capable leaders will continue to invest in web standards, tooling, etc,.

Here is the message from his blog post,

Moving the Web forward continues to be important. The Web and the IE team have come a long way from our first posts here. This blog will continue to cover advances and issues of interest to people who care about the Web, like HTML5, performance, touch, security, and the like.

I’m changing roles at Microsoft, and excited to start a new team to take on something new. Microsoft will of course continue to invest in the browser, in Web standards, in developer tooling for the Web, in privacy, and in even more areas than before. There’s a new set of capable leaders who will continue the strong work.

Please accept my thanks for all the feedback over the last nine years. The depth of passion across the range of topics here has made working on IE a humbling delight – one that I will miss. I expect to continue blogging in the near future at a different Microsoft address on a new topic.

Good Luck, Dean! Thanks for bringing IE back on track. :)

Source: IE Blog

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    Love IE 10 and 11! :)

  • Guest

    If memory holds we use to beat this dork up in junior school…he looks due for another.

    • Luke Murphy

      I’m sure he’s richer than you, and we need more “dorks” in life to phase out ignorance such as you.

      • Guest

        So what your saying is I deserve the credit of motivating him to overcompensate for his head getting flushed in the loo half dozen times!

        If you want I could do the same for you, but it looks like it may take a few more in your case…still, easy work.