Internet Explorer hits highest market share since August 2011 as Google Chrome share falls and falls


It seems the browser mark has been reset a year, with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer hitting its highest market share since August 2011, and Google Chrome its lowest since October 2011.

As the graph above shows, the last 3 months have been particularly good for Microsoft and bad for Google, with IE gaining month on month for the last 3 months in a row, while Google’s Chrome’s market share slipped by 1.3% over the same period.

The news does suggest that Microsoft’s efforts to improve Internet Explorer, especially with IE9 and now IE10, is bearing fruits, something which has not been clear given the intense competition from Google Chrome, which was previously one of the fastest growing browsers.

Google’s Chrome however appears to be losing favour with many. The browser has been experiencing intense stability problems recently, related mainly to Flash-heavy websites. Firefox has in fact re-established itself as the alternative browser of choice, also seeing some growth while Google Chrome fades.

See the NetApplications stats embedded below.

Have any of our readers switched from Chrome to Internet Explorer? Let us know why below.

  • Lasp24

    looks like the ads are working

  • agha

    YES! Good News!

  • surilamin

    I’m using IE10 as my primary browser. I have Chrome and Firefox installed, but I rarely use them now. Chrome is really becoming buggy, memory intensive and bloated now. It used to be the fastest browser, but I’ll even use firefox before I go to chrome.

  • surilamin

    Pro Tip: For those that need an ad-blocker in IE, enable tracking protection and add these tracking protection lists Make sure you also enable the list called “Your personalized list” and set blocking to automatic. Also turn on ActiveX filtering, will block most flash ads.

    • vba

      Thanks for the great tip! Now if I could just figure out how to point mailto links in ie10 to…

  • Psyllo

    its that not have much choice on surface or WP so yes i use ie on those but for my desktop still prefer firefox

  • Ahmad Waleed

    statcounter has a whole different story bdw

    • AS147

      I always refer to statcounter as I haven’t found many other sites but the one thing that has been consistent about statcounter is that it is almost always wrong. It helps as a guide but for some reason they don’t capture enough data to show the whole market and their percentages are so low compared to almost all other research data.
      In short I believe statcounter is no good.

      • Rob

        Statcounter has a lot of data but the data covers less commercial sites.
        Also they count hits an not unique visitors.

    • Mythos88

      statcounter does not eliminate Google’s pre-rendering from its browser stats which makes their browser stats completely useless.

  • lebeau32

    I stop using Chrome about a year ago (it just didn’t work great anymore on any of my devices). IE9 was really good and IE10 seems to be even better to me.

  • Mark

    I’ve always found IE’s font rendering is not as clear as other browsers. I use Firefox and if you take a screen grab of the same page between each browser and zoom in you can see how the rendering is different.

  • guesttt999

    IE 10 is so much better browser than any other out there. Microsoft should keep adding performance and security updates and new features instead of waiting years before the next major version comes out.

    • Bruce

      They should but for some reason I don’t think they’re planning on doing it.

  • techblogger

    I like IE10. I also like Firefox but I REFUSE to install Google Chrome on any of my computers. I don’t like the fact that you can’t do a simple uninstall as it leaves a bunch of crap in a hidden folder that remains ACTIVE even though you’ve removed the browser. Sneaky crap they do. But on IE10, the auto correction feature is a nice touch.

    • opteron opteron

      I never knew somebody hated that crap like me. When I see it on my PC from download bundles, I remove it ASAP. It never looked like a browser to me. I upgraded to Windows 8 just for IE10 and now I don’t have to complain abouts browsers anymore – no more Safari and Firefox needed on PC.

      • San Ien Jao

        HAHA I feel exactly the same.

  • Lewis McCrary

    Chrome is ok at first but then starts doing weird things and bugging out. Half my google services stopped working on Chrome. Irony? IE10 at home 97% of the time, FF and Chrome the other 3%. 50/50 FF and IE at work.

  • Schooner1984

    I uninstalled Chrome in OCT, two times it locked up my Win7Pro Tablet PC. My primary browser is Firefox because I can use AdBlockerPlus. At work we are forced to use IE, and it stumbles mightily. FWIW IE 8 is awful, I miss IE7, and can’t speak to much about IE9 & 10 except my troubles at work where is freezes, will not “stop script” and the recover page means lose all IE Windows and Tabs (I open up to 20 tabs on six separate IE windows).

  • Jim

    I use IE as primary browser since IE9. Just using chrome and Firefox to test my websites.

  • arrow2010

    The problem is IE10 doesn’t have the rich extension library of Chrome.

  • Nathanael Jones

    At most, IE has a 26% marketshare. netapplication statistics are nonsense. Check out wikipedia’s own statistics:

    • Tumultus

      They’re nonsense because? Because you say so?

      • Nathanael Jones

        Because they don’t correlate with any other set of browser statistics. You can’t have that large of a discrepancy and not be doing something very, very wrong.

        • Nathanael Jones

          I posted a longer and more detailed comment, which cited more sources, but it was deleted by the moderator for no apparent reason.

    • NGM123

      Wiki, the internets greatest source of facts=LOL

      • Nathanael Jones

        Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website on the internet – their server logs are arguably more representative of the global internet user base than the collection of small e-commerce websites used by netapplications.

        • NGM123

          Lady Gaga is popular too, doesn’t make her right either.
          Anyone can hack, change, alter Wiki. It’s a good source of information agreed, as long as you take it’s accuracy with a grain of salt.

        • JayD

          No because Wikipedia will attract a certain demographic. You can’t really rely on just one website for this type of data. There is a good reason no news source repeats WIki Logs as a fact.

          • Nathanael Jones

            What demographic does Wikipedia attract? Nearly all search engines rank the wikipedia article for a query in the top 3. Users tend to click the first matching link they see. I don’t see wikipedia having a particular demographic.

          • JayD

            “These server logs cover requests to all the Wikimedia Foundation projects, including Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wiktionary, Wikibooks, Wikiquote, Wikisource, Wikinews, Wikiversity and others”

            These server logs will tend to skew towards a more educated audience and the alexa traffic information confirms it. There is also the likely possibility that they over-represent certain countries that has to be taken into account.

            Yes it is a popular site but it only reaches 12% of users daily. Google reaches much more but would still be unsuitable because it would favor Chrome/FF since it is the default search engine on those and Bing is the default on IE.


    • Mythos88

      Like statcounter, Wikipedia also does not remove Chrome’s pre-rendering from the stats so they Chrome’s stats are greatly inflated. See item 4 in the Overestimation section of the link you posted.

  • NGM123

    Go FireFox !!!

  • The__Truth__Hurts

    I have heavily used IE9 and IE10. Those are both massive upgrades from previous IE versions.

    But compared to Chrome…..? The great thing about Chrome is: I can run the same browser version regardless if I’m on XP, Vista, 7, 8, OS X, Linux, etc. Also you can sync stuff to your mobile devices as well (iOS/Android).

    IE…..? You kind of have to have the newest Windows to have the newest version of IE. They do something weird where you can’t (really) upgrade Vista browser to IE 10, for example. But I can run the latest Chrome on Vista w/o a problem.

    And with IE pretty much on Windows ONLY, it sucks if you use a verity of devices or a mixture of devices. I, along with several of my friends, use OS X, Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, etc.. and if we were able to download IE for all of those devices, we may have to take another look. But it is a hassle because we can’t keep all of our stuff synced across different OSes.

  • Emi Cyberschreiber

    well i saw this korean boy, who used Win7 and used chrome and now he is in Windows 8, he only uses Ie10. and he likes it since also he never even installed chrome so it seems he will be using IE10 for a while if not always.

  • hysonmb

    I’ve been sticking with IE even though I’ve got a few of the others installed.
    The only site I have issues with in IE still is Digital Trends. The others randomly have problems with various sites and I have to wind up jumping back into IE anyway. Plus, IE10 does perform better than Chrome or Firefox on my system.

  • hysonmb

    I’ve been sticking with IE even though I’ve got a few of the others installed.
    The only site I have issues with in IE still is Digital Trends. The others randomly have problems with various sites and I have to wind up jumping back into IE anyway. Plus, IE10 does perform better than Chrome or Firefox on my system.