Is Google Trying To Fool Anti-trust Committee ??


In a reply to Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust, Competition Policy, and Consumer Rights, Google chairman Eric Schmidt cited many reasons to argue that Google is under pressure of competition and whatever Google does is right, which I found lame. You can read the full reply in the above document.

Some of them I want to highlight are,

1) “Apple has launched an entirely new approach to search technology with Siri, its voice-activated search and task-completion service built into the iPhone 4S”.

OMG.. Seriously? He is saying Siri is a threat to Google. Someone should tell him that Siri can’t answer anything other than the pre-defined 10 questions in various use cases like weather, appointment setup, etc. Also Siri uses Google when it doesn’t find answers which happens most of the time.

2) On Yelp issue where Google is promoting its local search results over Yelp’s local results in the SERP,

Google is saying that once Yelp founder said “I worry about neither[Google and Groupon]”. They also added that Yelp can promote itself in many other ways by advertising, etc. They even cited that Yelp is growing at good pace, so Google doesn’t affect it..

There is an another great comedy in his reply. He cites Techcrunch as a respected technology site and the post by MG Siegler(Apple fanboy) where he describes Siri as the threat to Google. They also cite some other post where they describe Siri as Google Killer..

My Question is : Is Google Trying To Fool Anti-trust Committee ??

  • Anonymous

    Yelp, Twitter, Bing, Google, Groupon, Siri. These are all stupid names!

  • Guest

    Hahahaha.. does Eric Schmidt really think the DOJ is that stupid…. lol reminds me of when Bill Gates said IE was too intergrated with the OS to decouple it. That worked out real welll for Microsoft. Lol… I assume it will end just as good for Google too. Mark your calendars, 2012 starts the fall of the mighty Google by the hand of the DOJ.

  • Paul Renda

    I couldn’t have written better! I agree with your point of view.

  • B1ack3stF0rc3B1ad3R3dSw0rdRag3

    I was more than a little amused when I read about Google
    being worried about Siri being a threat to them, I mean really!!!!!!


    Of cause Google trying to fool
    the Anti-trust Committee, I hope they fail. But it’s been un unleveled playing
    field for some time now.


    It’s unfair for Microsoft to favor its
    browser in its operating system, but it’s fair and ok for Google and Apple to favor
    their Browsers in their Operating Systems. And then you get the likes of

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking about it this morning: would Eric Schmidt say the same thing he said in Congress to his board of directors? “Google doesn’t have that much market share” “I’m scared of Siri”, etc.

  • Guest

    Google can only fool itself and their fan.

    They are the biggest spy compnay out there. They have monopoly in search and thats what give them extra power to spy on people and steal their information.

    Eric Schmidt think people are fool and they don’t undrestand what he is trying to do and fool people.

    He is the one that few month ago said “If you have something [to hide], maybe you shouldn’t be doing it”.

    So the fool is here and we know what he is trying to do. Go fool yourself idiot!

  • Guest

    I have recommendation for you.

    Go back to your iBlog or Android crap blogs and troll there.

    Thank you and dont waste our time here.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Guest,

      I read both this site and wmpoweruser regularly, they have the news the news that i wouldnt see on other sites and they also have it faster. This article however is much like engadget and its article where it said the iphones camera was better than the n8, its extremely bias and im not sure why you would want to read it. If there were another site which had the news as fast that I wanted to read and wasnt as crazy biased as this site is on occasion I would read it, the same goes for engadget. That isnt likely to happen, so sorry you’re stuck with me until it does. Oh and just because i dont hate the competition doesn’t mean i dont like Microsoft.

      I wasnt even aware you could write as a guest,


      • Mus Gaid

        I do agree with you wh1tebum. I do read wmpoweruser on daily basis, in fact few times a day to checkout for new news since it’s always to first one to share new WP news.

        I do hope that the articles and views are professional and unbiased. I really hope that WP will fly and I would like to be fed with facts, not biased views/comments.

        Btw pradeep, this is not an offense to you, this is a constructive feedback from your regular visitors. I like coming to your site. Keep up the good work :)

        • Anonymous

          We are always open to feedback from our readers. Thanks.