Is this the AccuWeather Windows 8 app?

imageMobilityDigest have recorded this video of an AccuWeather app for “windows slate” which uses out-of-browser Silverlight and is labelled “for demonstration purposes only.”

At appears to have very Metro-inspired, and the left-sided menu is certainly reminiscent of the right-sided slide-in menu on Windows 8.

If the app is in fact a real Windows 8 app it  will be encouraging that Silverlight development will find a home in Windows 8 after all.

Install the app at AccuWeather here and read more at MobilityDigest here.

  • Anonymous

    No, It is Windows 7 slate app, I saw a promo site about it today, take a look

  • Anonymous

    Didn’t look as smooth as the W8 demos I’ve seen to date.

    • Anonymous

      He is using a HP Touchsmart screen to showcase it.  Win8 slates will be awesome.  Microsoft is working with OEMs and keeping a tight grip on production value.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t it Windows that used the left and right sides for menus in Windows 8, and the apps could use top/bottom?

  • Francisco J. Lopez

    Need to brush up on my silverlight skills.

    WP, XBOX & WINDOWS 8? Talk about a killer dev eco-system how can they fail?

    • Anonymous

      XBOX,WINDOWS 7…coming soon WINDOWS 8 they are doing well WP7 sadly is not. MS has not pushed it way too slow on updates too little to late I have an HTC HD7 it can’t do what my kids $60.00 boost phone can do. heck it doesn’t integrate with windows anything. unlike android that integrates with Google everything.Mango is coming god knows when. back to that coming soon thing..wp7 made me loos all faith in MS. 

      • Anonymous

        what are you talking about? I use Windows Phone and all my Windows Live + Office + SkyDrive + Live Mesh + Zune Pass + Xbox Live + Messenger + Home Server integrates nicely and very fast