It’s Now Easier Than Ever To Get Directions And Distance Between Two Places On Bing

Bing Search Directions

Microsoft today announced an update on Bing Search experience that will allow you to know directions and distance between two places easier than ever. You don’t need to go Bing Maps to find directions and distances, just type in Bing Search box, you will get it.

Recently, we rolled out a faster way for you to get directions between two places on Bing*. Now, when you search for driving directions from say, Los Angeles to San Diego, we’ll surface the estimated travel time, mileage and map at the top of the search results page on Bing.

When you click on the map or the “turn by turn directions” link, we’ll launch the Bing Maps experience where you will see a detailed set of turn-by-turn directions. Because we know directions are most useful when you’re on the go, we’ve enabled this mobile browse experience across the top smart phones including Windows Phone, iPhone and Android devices.

Microsoft Bing team today shared few sample queries you can try out for yourself. Notice that Bing is now accepting natural language queries, we might see this more in action using upcoming Cortana digital assistant on Windows Phone devices.

  • rjmlive

    It’s shocking how long it takes for Bing to even match the features of Google, even still. Glad to see the update tho. Just want inline conversion now, I use that quite often… perhaps even the auto-search as you type feature. Perhaps Spring 2016..

    (I have almost every person at my workplace using Bing and constantly push Microsoft Phones and services and software.. sometimes its easy, sometimes it a bit of an uphill battle)

  • RickG

    Incredible, this has been asked for a long time. Honestly I don’t believe this a new feature. I need to go to several places on a given day where in G, I enter address to address to address and in return I get approximate drive times. Enter the same info to bing and I get the first and last. In fact I know I’ve done this before in my quest to remove the big G from my life. So really this is no news.

  • jaylyric

    I’ve been waiting to be able to speak for navigation since I first used Here Maps. I think it was called Nokia Maps then. I hope it’s all somehow beautifully integrated in Here Maps.

  • Simon Paul

    Welcome to like 5 years ago. I want to support Bing, but just now adding features like this makes it a joke. When it comes to search, Google is kind, period.

  • teemulehtinen

    Right. These are the top search results in my Bing…

    • Pradeep V

      Change your region to US.

      • teemulehtinen

        Ok. And therein lies another problem: Bing is too US centric. I am still using it, but every time I make support searches with Google, I wonder why am I sticking with it.