It’s Okay To Put Your Nude Photos On SkyDrive…Just Don’t Share Them

Omar Shahine and Mona Akmal from the SkyDrive team held an AMA on reddit answering user questions.  We’ll be sharing any interesting tidbits.

Shahine addressed Microsoft’s policy on putting naked photos in your SkyDrive

I can tell you what we actually do here (how we technically implement our policy).

We don’t really have any interest in what’s in your private files. The only exception here is where we’ve stated what we have a zero tolerance policy for child exploitation and we proactively scan for content uploaded to SkyDrive using technology called PhotoDNA ( You can read more about this technology and what it’s used for at Microsoft as well as at Facebook and now Google to detect these images and catch criminals.

However, when you share your private files on the web, we do have an interest in making sure that the content you are sharing is not offensive in nature to the public at large. So we have mechanisms for people to “Report Abuse” in which case we’ll review the content and ensure it’s not offensive. We also have algorithms that attempt to detect “nude” shared content and disable sharing providing customers with a mechanism to contest that action. This is akin to “virus scanning” in that it’s heuristic and therefore not perfect.

But, the stated terms you quoted above from the ToS really applies to “Shared” content and not private content stored in your SkyDrive. Our view here really stems from the fact that we view SkyDrive as your hard drive in the cloud, and we believe it’s important to behave that way (with the exceptions called out above).

So as long as you do not have child pornography or are not sharing your racy photos, it’s okay to pop them up in SkyDrive.  Theoretically I may know someone who has risqué photos in SkyDrive and has had no problems from Microsoft whatsoever.

Source: Reddit

  • Bruce

    I’m 100% sure that their system isn’t perfect, they even said so. What it means, I believe, is that when their system detects a photo it believes to be child porn, a person looks at the photo in order to decide what to do with it. So, if you do upload a nude photo to SkyDrive, and if photodna detects it as child porn, it’s likely that someone will look at it. Isn’t that an invasion of privacy?

    I don’t believe Microsoft relies entirely on automated systems because even Google employ people to check these kinds of content to prevent them from showing up in the search. I mean, they can’t report someone to the authorities without checking it first.

    I’m not anti MS or anything, I just don’t think it’s the way to go about it.

    • Luis E.

      It is the only possible way to go about it. MS and others can’t simply leave the files alone, they expose themselves to legal damages, Therefore an automated setup followed by manual input in flagged cases is the correct way to do it.

      Want total privacy? Don’t use the cloud!!!

      • TheOne2125

        Thank that is end result if you put up nude photos don’t ever expect someone not to see them.

  • DonBensoni

    “Theoretically I may know someone who has risqué photos in SkyDrive and has had no problems from Microsoft whatsoever” – Best part of the article 😀

  • Andy Quek

    “It’s Okay To Put Your Nude Photos On SkyDrive…Just Don’t Share Them”

    I won’t know for certain how true that is and I am not going to take my chances.

  • Mythos88

    That sounds like a much better policy than what they started with.

    • TheOne2125

      It was always the policy it was just clarified verbally.

  • Mikhail Kutyin

    It should be in their official TOS, otherwise that’s all BS.

    • TheOne2125

      No because people would just use it as a loop hole for some bullshit. Seriously it is common sense for some things if you don’t share it they will not care about it really. If you start using their cloud storage as a porno they get opened to legal issues.

  • TheOne2125

    Well I have alot of nude photos in my sky drive since Skydrive came out and I never had a issue. It was common sense that if you did not share they did not care.

  • Yuan Taizong

    Now I can finally make full device back-up’s,
    of-course Microsoft needs to legalize this, otherwise people won’t take full advantage of Microsoft SkyDrive on Windows 8.1 (Blue), Microsoft is placing it’s Cloud surface right into everything in Windows, this means mroe than 90% of the porn EVER DOWNLOADED (as Windows is the dominant O.S.) and unlike Thumblr, you can’t just ignore this, most files on P.C.’s are porn (including mine) and SkyDrive would’ve never risen with Windows 8.1 (Blue) as it wouldn’t ignore this large bulk of intimate human interaction.
    This is a good decision by Microsoft.