Japanese Bank Upgrades 30,000 PCs To Windows 8 From Windows XP

Microsoft Japan has announced that Resona Holdings Inc. has migrated approximately 30,000 client terminals to Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013. Resona Holdings, which had been running on group client terminals, completed the migration in February 2014, well before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 on April 9. This 30,000-unit deployment of Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013 is one of the largest ever made.

Resona Holdings, which oversees the operations of Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, Kinki Osaka Bank and other group companies, intends to become a “true retail bank that is highly trusted by our customers and the local community.” Its business revitalization plan prioritizes leveraging “All Resona” comprehensive capabilities, promoting cross-selling and reducing operational costs.

The key features of Resona Holdings’ migration to Windows 8 and Office 2013 include the following:

  • Significant cost savings by replacing approximately half the group’s client PCs, and by upgrading the software on PCs used for less than two years.
  • Utilization of BitLocker Drive Encryption in Windows 8 Enterprise to create a stronger security environment and maintain compliance.
  • With desktop virtualization technology to migrate business applications and Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to carry out Windows 8 policy design and system configuration, successful migration of approximately 30,000 clients was completed in less than two years.
  • Adoption of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection at the same time as migration to Windows 8, use of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager to enable remote automated software installation and dramatically reduce the time required for large-scale upgrades. Also, after migration, use of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager and System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection for PC monitoring, software and patch distribution and security, enabling simple, low-cost client environment management.

“We needed to keep the costs of migrating to a new operating system down by making effective use of the latest system,” said Tetsuya Shiratori, executive officer and general manager, Information Technology Planning Division of Resona Holdings. “We decided to migrate straight to Windows 8, and we had no opposition to taking advantage of the latest products to boost efficiency. In addition to the cost savings resulting from standard Windows 8 functions and the great usability, including boot speed, we also managed the whole migration operation with unprecedented speed through using System Center 2012 Configuration Manager.”

Resona Holdings adopted the following Microsoft products during migration:

  • Windows 8 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager
  • Microsoft System Center 2012 Endpoint Protection

Source: Microsoft

  • Bugbog

    There goes the main mantra of the naysayers: ” no enterprise org. is going to update to Windows 8!”

    • LexicoRed

      It is really not the naysayers that is saying it, the CIO’s are the ones communicating the point; reinforced by the fact MS sent this press release out.

      The good news is the company capitulated on the metro/w8 set up and gave enterprise what they wanted with the 8.1 fix. This should correct the problem we are seeing with enterprise adoption and the need for silly press releases like these.

      • Bugbog

        I’d say by your comment that you are one of the naysayers.

        • LexicoRed

          To accurately comprehend the quantitative record of adoption rates only defines me as realistic. Coupled with independent surveying of a large % of corporate “C” Level IT professionals solidifies a point of view, that while immaturity would find uncomfortable and look at negatively, is neither positive or negative biased but defined as accurate.

          It is a same some can not recognize their biases, for it clouds their ability to improve what can be improved. Let’s be thankful Nadella does not share your limitations.

          • Bugbog

            This is the same as the Donkey wagging the tail. You can’t look at the ‘quantitative record’ without taking into account the hostile press (both professional and amateur) levied against the product at its inception!

            In fact, looking at Windows 8 ‘objectively’, it is only 3-4months behind the timeline of the previous version in terms of both sales and adoption

            For people that accepted the product as is, the so-called 8.1 “fix” took away/changed as many features as it introduced, making it (in the opinion of some) not necessarily as good as version1.

            To clamour of for improvements, and be critical of a product is fine. Overtly calling for a boycott or bypass of the product is hostile and negative.

            And Pointing out that a company is putting out a press release for a ‘win’, regardless of whether or not a product has been popularly accepted doesn’t support (or should I say re-enforce) a negative hypothesis.

            Being biased isn’t necessarily a negative connotation :)

            Being negatively biased is.

          • LexicoRed

            Stop embracing a victim mentality, it serves you not.

          • nohone

            You sound an awful lot like SagetB (or whatever his name is) – use a bunch of big words, often incorrectly, to make yourself sound knowledgeable about something to appear important and to have authority about the subject. But really, when those big words are parsed out, they don’t mean squat and your words just full up space.

          • LexicoRed

            Thank you I have seen a few of his post and, if memory serves, found them to be not always in agreement but thoughtful and often insightful.

          • SategB

            @LexicoRed thank you for the kind words.

            @nohone Hello my friend. I for one have missed you Immeasurably, hope all is well!

          • NGM123


          • LexicoRed

            @NGM123 = T-101

          • NGM123

            Who? Check my history buddy. LexicoRed=knob jockey.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    It’s great to see more companies going to upgrade their P.C.’s, this is better for them, Microsoft, and their consumers as they’ll be able to work faster, and they’ll also be more secure, thus keeping costumer data more secure, good job Japanese Bank. 😉

  • whocares

    MS is probably giving them the latest builds of the upcoming Start Menu to act as a crutch. Don’t really care though how MS got them to do it. An upgrade is an upgrade.

  • http://flickr.com/daiax DaiaX

    I’d like to see more WP on Japan, and eventually more developers from Japan will port their apps to WP. Though Windows 8 on organizations there, is a good start.