Joe Belfiore And David Treadwell Talks About Building Windows In The New ‘One Microsoft’ Era

Joe Belfiore David Treadwell

Joe Belfiore And David Treadwell are corporate vice presidents in Microsoft’s Operating Systems Group. Joe Belfiore is responsible for the user experience while David Treadwell works on the engineering of the core of the operating system. Basically, these guys are in charge of the front end and back end of operating systems, including the Windows PC, tablet and phone platforms. Previously, Joe was part of Windows Phone team and David was in Xbox software engineering team. The new “One Microsoft” strategy has brought them together which will allow unified strategy for product design to schedules in the operating systems group.

Terry Myerson, head of the Operating Systems Group commented the following on these two guys,

Joe Belfiore is “colorful, excitable, authentic and genuine … very passionate about the end user experience,”

Treadwell, 47, is thoughtful, patient, detail-oriented.

He focuses on infrastructure, Myerson said, making sure that things are “very well built, well architected, well designed.”

“Joe is just a magnificent painter. Dave is much more a plumber or electrician,” Myerson said. “Together we all come together and build this fabulous house that is Windows.”

The “One Microsoft” strategy is just getting started and evidently this year, almost all of Microsoft’s engineering teams — from Azure to Office, Bing to Skype — took part in the crafting of a priority memo prepared by Treadwell’s team that states what the company will be including in its next big release of Windows.

“Before, there was a Windows team, a Windows Phone team, an Xbox team. While there was general agreement of the value of (having a) common core and consistency of design, there were organizational lines that we had to cross to achieve that,” Treadwell said. “There just aren’t these barriers now.”

Read The Seattle Times’ full profile on Joe and David from the link below.

Source: Businessweek

  • CyberAngel

    Move to Atom on the Mobiles & Put Next Windows on the Next WPhone…

    • Rishicash

      It’s coming. I’m really hoping that MS’s “little surprise” with the introduction of W9 next Spring will be a super hero Surface Phone and Surface Mini both running WP with universal apps. That would be freaking amazing and would be such a coup for MS!

  • ZloiYuri

    “Joe is just a magnificent painter” but painting too slow and haphazardy

    • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

      I agree, he used to be fast on Windows Phone 7.X but he became too slow to compete with Windows Phone 8. (>_<)

  • tofferne

    A lot of things happens, new thing’s, it’s first time in my life I saw Microsoft with such a speed. Maybe we feels things are going slowly, and yes in some corners. But I think there is a reason, and the reason is ONE means ONE, instead of MANY. We will see, or hope is maybe the best way to say. ONE will be great.

    • LexicoRed

      Yep, the Board did a great move when they pushed Ballmer out. Hard to believe Nadella has only been in for a few short months but it running like a new company. Once again it is a place where employees want to be working.

      Good times!

      • David

        I don’t your comment is really true. All these changes we see in Microsoft and make it much better and faster company with better products don’t just happen in one night or few months.
        These started back when Ballmer was in charge and now slowly we start to see result. Maybe new CEO will make it happen faster (we don’t know and we have to wait and see) but giving all credit to him and just say bad things about Ballmer is not fair or logical.
        After all Windows 7 and 8, Office 2010, 2013 and 365, Xbox 360 with Kinect and Xbox ONE, Surface and Surface Pro., etc. all came to market when he was in charge and we know all these products are great.
        Changes like this in this scale in big companies like Microsoft doesn’t happen in over night or only in few days or months. This is fruit of long term plan way back when Ballmer was in charge.

        • LexicoRed

          Ballmer was the CEO who gave the world XBOX 360 RROD, Vista, Kin, W8, missed Search to Google, Surface RT failure, missed moble by years to Apple, late to tablets, killed Courier, Sync OS, rmployee stack ranking killing moral, and pushed many great people who could intellectually challenge him.

          All he did was ride the Windows-Office profit wagon monopoly while ignoring the future down the road if irrrelivence. This is why Gates and the board knew they had to get rid of the guy.

          We now have a CEO who can execute thoughtfully, effectively and quickly.

          • Wayne Sebbens

            You’re forgetting that Ballmer was the one who started the reorganisation (back near when he announced he was stepping down) that is this new One Microsoft. If you look back through their, you can actually see this cohesive Microsoft starting to come together for quite a while, all under Ballmer. He made some calls that were bad, and others that aren’t so popular amongst those who don’t understand what they were trying for that didn’t pan out. But what Microsoft is becoming today is what started under Ballmer

          • perfectalpha

            They told him to organize this so they could try to attract Alan Mulally who organized Ford in the same way to be their CEO.

          • LexicoRed

            They told him to move faster so Ballmer met Mulally in a coffee shop for Mulally to put the plan together. Ballmer knew he was getting pushed out and wants his guy Mulally to get the job.

            Ballmer always hated the idea someone in the company could run the company better, he always let his ego get in the way of doing what was best for the company.

          • LexicoRed

            It was not even his idea, in-imaginative Ballmer had to get Ford’s CEO Mulally to put it together and only did it because Gates and the aboard was tired of his slow pace strategy. The best thing he did for MS was to leave,

          • Wayne Sebbens

            Mulally was never more than a rumour started by a group of stockholders who wanted to make a quick buck. They had no interest in Microsoft’s long-term future, and absolutely no vision beyond their wallets. Mulally himself even went on record to say he wasn’t interested in leaving Ford.
            Ballmer started the reorganising from the recognition of inefficiencies (there’s a famous story from a guy who wrote the shutdown menu in Win7, and how he was several managers removed from the rest of the Start Menu team) and how different MS departments were finding they had to intermingle far more now than before (for example, Bing technology being integrated into the OS, OS teams having to work with hardware teams).
            I suggest you both get a clue and leave your conspiracy theories in the trash where they belong.

  • Vương Vi-Nhuyễn – 王微軟

    The Operating System group probably has also absorbed Nokia’s large operating systems, maybe we’ll see more Microsoft services on Nokia Asha soon too. 😀

  • Guest

    In this picture, is Joe B playing with Treadwells’ privates…?