Joe Belfiore Confirms Adding Windows And IE UX Work In Addition To Windows Phone

After the reports which came online yesterday, Joe Belfiore himslef confirmed on Twitter that he is taking over the work involving user experience for Windows and Internet Explorer in addition to Windows Phone UX which he is already responsible for. I think this is a great news for ‘One Microsoft’ strategy as Joe will be responsible for the Windows, Windows Phone and IE UX.

Congrats to Joe Belfiore for his new role at Microsoft!

  • Martin Horník

    it was the time, Windows had horrible UX

  • NegLewis

    People will buy Windows. Even if it has an horrible UX. But they will do it less and less.
    Windows 8 has lots of hidden features/menus that people do not understand yet.

    If MS would solve this “mouse/tap” Hidden menus issues… people will love to use Windows again… and use it often even for tablet/phone specific tasks.

  • Guest

    Sounds like they are starting to give up on Windows Phone. :(

    • frankwick

      Didn’t get that at all. Sounds to me like they are trying to unifying the experience.

      • Guest

        Window Phone is still struggling, even after the death if Blackberry it only has minimal market share. And now they take the lead off and give him different responsibility.

        No focus will not equal success.

        • frankwick

          They didn’t take the lead off. Read the article. He still has WP, but now he also has IE.

          • Guest

            You do job #1 (that is no where closes to being where it needs to be ) now add job #2 = spend less time on #1

          • Guest

            PS. I read it but something intelligent people do is to think in beyond the words and review the ramifications of the writing.

    • nohone

      They are in the process of buying Nokia. WP is now (announced today) selling 1/3 of the number of phones that iPhone sells and grew 156% yoy. which is far beyond where they were last year. They are growing and becoming competitive with iPhone. Android is far ahead of both, but Google doesn’t make anything from Android except for their cut from the store. There is still a long way to go, but Microsoft is in no way giving up on WP when it is starting to take hold. And once they complete the purchase of Nokia, that is just more money in their pockets.

      • SategB

        Silly rabbit trixs are for kids, that 156% growth equals 9.6 million phones for the quarter or what Apple did over a weekend.

    • grs_dev

      As they should. The future is RT. There is no reason to keep 2 Operating Systems going that run on practically the same architecture and provide pretty much the same User Experience. What’s the point?

      • Zdenko

        Future is RT, LMFAO!!!!!!

        Dude a OS can not be the future when no one is buying it. You probably are still thinking Zune is the future of music players.

        • Wtechrover

          Well, he’s making more sense then you are 😉
          With the price drop lots are buying a Surface. At least in Europe.

          • Guest

            You untypical understand that “price drop” is the result of the company taking a near billion dollar write down because the product was a dog?

        • laserfloyd

          It just needs a little more time to get momentum going and mature a bit. SurfaceRT was meh but Surface 2 impresses me a good bit.

      • grs_dev

        Microsoft has already announced that Windows Phone 8 support will end sometime in the near future. Originally it was to end in 2014. That date has been extended a bit but not by much.

        When is the end date for Windows RT support?

    • laserfloyd

      Sounds more like they’re moving phones closer to pc/tablet.

  • redtidal

    One read into this could be expansion of IE as platform, especially for web app development. The move could be MS’s short term solution to address the WP app shortage issue.

    • Guest

      While I do not agree with your conclusion it is an interesting point.

      Thank you for actually putting some thought to the discussion.

  • yadkun

    it’s a good news maybe we gonna have a better Windows UX. All game in the hub xboxGame and the Hub me to