Joe Belfiore On Windows 8.1 Update: “We Still LOVE And BELIEVE IN Touch”

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After taking over his new job of overseeing both Windows and Windows Phone user experience, Joe Belfiore today met the press at MWC during Microsoft’s press event. He said that Microsoft is committed to making Windows the best place for our partners to build great devices. Windows now supports different screen sizes, input methods, connectivity needs, and usage scenarios, but Microsoft wants it to run beautifully on hardware made by partners around the world.

With Windows 8, there’s no doubt that we made a big bet and took a first step toward that future. We bet on touch and on mobility in a big way, and included a fresh take on what a touch-based interface could be for customers. We believe deeply in this direction and the future will continue to build on Windows 8.

We shipped Windows 8.1 in under a year in response to customer and partner feedback, and we’ll continue to refine and improve Windows to deliver a productive and delightful experience for all users on all devices. And, you’ll see us continue on a more rapid release cadence where we deliver ongoing value to all your Windows devices.

He also spoke about the upcoming update to Windows 8.1, coming this spring which includes no.of improvements for keyboard and mouse users. But he assured that Microsoft still loves touch and will remain committed to it.

  • We’ll enable our partners to build lower cost hardware for a great Windows experience at highly competitive price points.
  • We are making improvements to the user interface that will naturally bridge touch and desktop, especially for our mouse and keyboard users. We have a number of targeted UI improvements that keep our highly satisfying touch experience intact, but that make the UI more familiar and more convenient for users with mouse/keyboard. Don’t worry, we still LOVE and BELIEVE IN touch… but you’ll like how much more smooth and convenient these changes make mouse and keyboard use!
  • We are enhancing support for enterprise customers via a few tweaks, particularly including features that greatly improve IE8 compatibility in Internet Explorer 11, which is especially critical for web-based line of business applications. Additionally, we’re extending mobile device management capabilities and making deployment easier.

Source: Microsoft

  • smallnad

    Whenever you love touch I would believe you. Stay on the right way.

  • Nham Thien Duong

    I really don’t get why Microsoft is listening to that loud minority of Trolls, I have used Windows 8.X since it first (1st) came out, and since it fist (1st) came out I exclusively used it on a notebook/laptop without a touch-screen, I have not once encountered a problem with my mouse and/or keyboard, those people are just exaggerating the ”touch friendly interface”, Microsoft shouldn’t forget that people will hate ANYTHING they produce because it’s ”cool to hate Microsoft”, and it’s even cooler to bash them, I really sure that Windows would do good on it’s present path, but the Microsoft of now is all about choice, so it’s a great step into the future. :-)

    • hassia

      One of the main problems with Microsoft which in turn is not solely their problem. Is that people would buy cheap computers and expect them to work as good as higher end computer!First laptop I bought was a Sony Vaio never had problems. Later I bought a Samsung disaster. I too have used win 8, I still do not know what these problems people are having.

      • LexicoRed

        Very thoughtful and saliant post

  • Guest

    Joe is full of crap, there is not an authentic bone in his corporate butt kissing body. There are many very good people at MSFT, Joe is not one of them.

  • NGM123

    Love my Surface, don’t ever loose the touch love please !!

  • djelme

    Belfiore = Liar, liar, liar and liar !

  • SategB

    Belfiore may love touch but corporate user love keyboards and mouse, and much as it hurts to see consumers rejecting Windows 8, seeing corporate saying no thanks means time to admit our mistakes and diminish metro/modern/whatever moniker their using this week.