Kibkalo Pleads Guilty to Stealing Microsoft Trade Secrets

Former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo has pleaded guilty to stealing the Redmond software giant’s trade secrets yesterday.   Kibkalo infamously leaked Windows 8 builds and the Windows Activation Server SDK to french blogger Canouna.  The Seattle Times reports:

Kibkalo and federal prosecutors reached an agreement in which prosecutors are recommending a 3-month prison sentence for Kibkalo, as well as a payment of $22,500 in restitution to Microsoft, according to his plea agreement.

Kibkalo’s sentencing is scheduled for 9 a.m. on July 1.  With this plea agreement Kibkalo avoids a maximum jail sentence of 10 years and will pay 1/10 of the maximum $250,000 fine.  Most likely Kibkalo will not even spend the full 3 months in jail.

Source: The Seattle Times

  • NegLewis

    There is a big difference between an inside man/job and some random guy with a torrent account.