Kindle App For Windows 8/RT Devices Gets A Major Update With New Features

Kindle Windows Store

Amazon Kindle app for Windows 8/RT devices just got a major update with new features. It has got a new redesigned in-book navigation, home screen and more. Check out the list of new features below.

New Features:

New! Search inside the book
New! Redesigned home screen
New! Sample recommended books
New! Redesigned in-book navigation
New! Easier bookmarking
New! Redesigned Notes and Bookmarks with filtering
New! Live Tile displays the book you’re reading
Updated! View options menu
Updated! Library and search views

Download it here from Windows Store for free.

  • enthukarthik

    Till it gets to open PDF and unprotected mobi from the local filesystem, I will be sticking with the desktop version …

  • xma1e

    I wish they would update the WP version, there’s some books I still have to read on my Android.