Kinect Integrated Laptops In the Works At Microsoft

Microsoft is working to integrate Kinect into portable computers. According to The Daily, Microsoft currently even has a prototype from Asus which has Kinect sensors over the top.

The Daily had a chance to check out a pair of prototypes incorporating Kinect sensors over the last few days. The devices, which at first glance appear to be Asus netbooks running Windows 8, feature an array of small sensors stretching over the top of the screen where the webcam would normally be. At the bottom of the display is a set of what appear to be LEDs.

Kinect in PCs will enable tons of new scenarios right from new form of gaming to other fancy stuff such as gesture based Windows control, etc,.

Read more at Daily. 

  • Milad Bazzaz

    while I think this can lead to amazing things…I wonder how since you usually sit right in front of your PC and do not have any distance. Its hard for me to imagine how you can use body language in that spot.

    But I’m not getting paid to imagine the future so I will let Microsoft do what they do best and innovate.

    • Anonymous

      How about TouchLESS screens all over, who in their right mind would like TVs and screens that are full of kids fingerprints (candy, icecream, etc.) or any fingerprint for that matter. In fact, if my smartphone was touchLESS I would love not having to wipe it so often!